INFJ, more like, INFFJ in, I’ll never find a fucking job. *winks*
A few weeks ago, as I perused job listings, I lamented that I am not a computer analyst, nor am I qualified for any number of the thousands of technical employment opportunities that exist everywhere, and pay quite well.
I also referenced practice interviews and résumé formats, ultimately deciding I am an excellent candidate for eternal higher education, resulting in my use of curriculum vitae instead of a résumé, and of course, I am ideally suited to a job in Interview Avoidance.
It’s because I am an INFJ. If you don’t know what you are, you should go have a looksee.


for your exploration:

It’s based on the Jung, Keirsey, Myers-Briggs Types, ESTJ, INFP, that sorta thing. Personally, I’ve known mine since 1994, but I did re-take the test recently to see if I had changed any. Hopeful as I was that I may have obtained an aptitude for teamwork or math, I had not, and I’m still perfectly matched to the life I’ve already chosen. For example, the INFJ is The Writer, The Counselor, and The Protector, The Idealist, or The Prophet, depending on the label maker’s interpretation.


To make matters more interesting, my friend Cole posted a link to a site which parodies these basic types, giving a humorous alter ego description for each one. For example, the INFJ is The Conspiracy Theorist and the ISTJ is The Thought Police.
While this site informed me that I am prone to occupations like whacko, loony and vagrant, The Mister, a long-time member of the armed forces, was said to be happiest while crushing the population beneath the iron boot heel of oppression on behalf of his masters. *chuckles*


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  1. Being June says:

    A fellow INFJ! You get it! I learned letters in my early days in Corporate America. I shared my letters with my boss, who looked at me and said, “well, that explains a lot.” From what I understand, we make up something like 1% of the population. And that’s fine. I’m happier in my own head, anyway. Love your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine.


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