Dunky Donuts

While the contents of Dunkin Donuts coffee remain a mystery to me, its addictive properties are quite clear, per my experience a few Thanksgivings ago:

Wednesday morning, first cup — “Oy. This ain’t no Starbucks.”

Wednesday morning, second cup — “Meh, it’s okay.”

Wednesday evening cup – “Kinda grows on ya, dudn’t it?”

Thursday morning, first cup, “Mmm, that’s nice.”

Thursday morning, second cup, “Is it me, or does this coffee get better every time you drink it?”

Thursday afternoon, wide-eyed and hopeful, “Is there more coffee?”

I’m really a Starbucks girl, because I like my espresso dark and dense enough to leave thick rings of oil on the sides of my shiny white cup. I am not slobbering!

I worked the early shift at Starbucks for a time, and lemme tell ya, it was a primo job, with the free drinks and the free pound of coffee and the tips and whoosh! time to go home already? Starbucks has very good ethics, not just for their employees, but also globally. The cost of that cup of coffee reflects a lot more than product.

BUT, I was at the Dunkin Donuts yesterday morning, because I was invited there. Met with friends, spent four hours sippin the addictive coffee, chattin it up with the mommies. While imbibing caffeine at a rate of 20 milligrams a minute, we bonded over everything bagels and irrational fears. But also our love for our dogs and our supportive husbands. Oh! And according to this recent video, we may all secretly be lesbians. Or rather, the sum of our parts is equal to at least one whole lesbian. Or somethin like that, I dunno, I don’t math.



Even better, this video goes both ways!




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6 Responses to Dunky Donuts

  1. Tracey Neil says:

    you make me want to try the coffee and I don’ even drink the stuff!


  2. Jamie Miller says:

    Love love love this one, videos and all!


  3. baldjake70 says:

    This was a great post Baby! I too enjoyed the videos as well. That was some funny stuff. The Dunkin Donuts coffee has consistently been rated the number one coffee in America. It is like crack in a bag. Not that I know what crack is like, but I have read studies that suggest it is very addictive.


  4. meg68 says:

    Nice way to make a point to support gay marriage. Hilarious!! I’m off to read more of your posts, you’ve won me! oh and I love coffee too 🙂


  5. Matt Roberts says:

    LOL @ “While the contents of Dunkin Donuts coffee remain a mystery to me”

    Great piece!


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