Misery Loves Company

Back in August, you may remember there was a big, bad hurricane.  My mother, who lives west of me, was convinced I was in the path of the big, bad hurricane, even though the hurricane was west even of her.
See map, detailed by Joeys.


See?  I was the yellow dot (of course.)  My mother was the blue dot, because she loves blue.  The hurricane was red because, well, it just was.
Do y’all clearly see how I was not in any danger?

Tonight, as the Nor’easter whooshes all over New England, my poor friend JLW shares my frustration.  Her mother is also many hundreds of miles off in her worries about the whooshing.

I dunno why this comforts me, but it totally does.

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  1. http://networkedblogs.com/I7Aee — JLW, Not in the path of the Nor’easter.


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