Drew Days Approach

Gonna take another trip. Off to see Drew and our nephews.


I haven’t stayed at Drew’s house since Moo was still in diapers. We usually see her here, at the Palace of Rules, or I have her to my house, because, well, my house was in Georgia, and unlike me, Drew loves her some heat.
*shrugs* I dunno.

She’s not much like me.  She has long arms, instead of T-Rex arms, for one.  Oh, and blonde hair.


She puts ice in her drinks. She likes big muscle cars, swarthy men, high heels, and Singapore noodles. Blech!
She’s super cool. She can go to parties and talk to people without wanting to kill herself.


She usta introduce me like this, “This is my best friend, Joey. She seems really bitchy, but she’s really not.” I dunno how many years she said this behind my back, but I realized around age 22, this is true and not true. I’m really bitchy, but people just get used to it.

Also? People love her. Everyone loves her.
Annnd, more importantly, she loves me still.

I heard tell that since she’s expecting us, Drew turned the air conditioning to 69, but it’s still pretty hot upstairs…which means we might wanna sleep on the roof, but we’ll take our fans and muddle through.

And hey! I bet Drew has room in her fridge for a pitcher of swate tay!

Our visit should be a lovely reprieve from the roller coaster that has been bidding on the house, and a good decompression before The Mister starts his job.

Looking forward to lotsa laughter!

Imma go pack!

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6 Responses to Drew Days Approach

  1. Sherry says:

    keep writing. It’s good reading. nuf said.


  2. meANXIETYme says:

    Have a happy and safe time with Drew et al!


  3. Matt Roberts says:

    You two are each others yins and yangs. Sometimes opposites do attract. Aww.


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