On Vaping

I said I would write this post in like, June or somethin.
Of course, I thought I’d have the trim in the back hallway painted before my parents came, too, so you know, road to Hell, good intentions, blah blah blah…

At the time of writing this post, I’ve been smoke-free for two months, twelve days, twenty-three hours, and ten minutes. By the time you read it, it will have been longer, but I’m not lookin at my Smoke-Free app every hour or whatever, because I don’t miss smoking.

I have effectively replaced my addiction to smoking with an addiction to vaping.

If you don’t smoke, and have never been a smoker, you’re probably rolling your eyes, because now all the vaping people will be taking vape breaks at work and smelling of vape and blowing vape into the faces of newborn babies and vaping at concerts and in front of stores and you’ll be waving the vape clouds away and hacking loudly at vapers, so they know how much you hate all the vaping. Mmhm, I know your kind.


Anyway, it’s an extremely effective “cure” for me. I believe people who enjoy smoking will most enjoy vaping. If someone is merely chained to nicotine, and it isn’t the smoking that they so enjoy, then they maybe wouldn’t like vaping nearly as much.

I’ve stepped down in nicotine, and I don’t even think I’m addicted to the nicotine anymore. If I am, it’s certainly not to the degree that I was addicted to cigarettes. I don’t vape first thing in the morning. I don’t rush to vape after I eat. It’s actually sorta peculiar, because within a few days of vaping, you can easily identify your habits and patterns.

I had a friend who smoked more than me, who started vaping, and after she’d done it successfully for a few weeks, I did some research, presented it to The Mister, and off we went to the vape shop. Initially, it was a little overwhelming. We had to make choices about different sizes and styles of batteries, some with adjustable gadgets, all of which need coils and chargers. Then there were nicotine levels to choose from and literally, hundreds of flavors.

People at vape shops are knowledgeable and helpful.

It is important to note that we had tried the e-cigarettes for some time, with little satisfaction and quite a bit of frustration. Please know that although the two are similar, the personal vaporizer is widely preferred. Do not buy stuff at the gas station. Go to a vape shop.

my black vape. i have a yellow one, too. they come in all kindsa colors and sizes.

my black vape. i have a yellow one, too. they come in all kindsa colors and sizes.

We smoked the rest of that Friday evening, and around 11, I assembled our vaporizers, put the flavors in, and we started vaping. There is no buzz. There’s a throat hit, which smokers love. But there’s no instant hit of nicotine. Eventually your lungs absorb the nicotine, but it’s delayed. I would compare it to caffeine. When you take the first drink, you don’t feel your eyes pop out of your head like a cartoon character, but you know eventually, when you are done, you’ll have a lot more energy. I suppose people who use nicotine gum or patches experience a similar effect. It’s definitely nicotine, which is a stimulant, but it’s merely to compensate for nicotine withdrawal, not enough to make your head spin, even after not vaping for four days, per the instructions of your dentist, who is so glad you quit. (Along with your doctor, who is also thrilled you are vaping instead of smoking.)

It’s enough nicotine, at enough of a rate that smokers don’t feel like they’re dying. If that’s too dramatic, it’s enough to make a smoker feel as though they do not need to slide out of their skin, scream at everyone, hit things and crawl into a hole to die. Oh, right, too dramatic, still. It’s enough to make a smoker feel okay.

The following morning, I took the dog out, made my cup of coffee, and sat down to my computer, where I would normally light a cigarette. ah, but i don’t smoke anymore. i gotta go get my vape. And so I vaped.
And vaped and vaped and vaped.
To say that the first few days I vaped my brains out would be hyperbole, but it’s not far from those days I wish I could have hooked the espresso up via an IV, because I couldn’t possibly drink enough coffee to feel okay.
By the time Monday came, I had settled in. I had figured out how to assemble all the tanks and how to replace coils and I also decided to buy a spare battery. Like my mama always says, “All you need is two of somethin, one in the wash….”
No, wait, that wasn’t about batteries on the charger, was it? but you get it.

I actually did save a cigarette, just in case, but I never did need it, and days later, I realized I’d thrown it away in one of my over-efficient tidiness spells.

Sometime that week, I was watching Moo in the pool, and I yawned — when I swear, an entire section of my lungs opened up. That was pretty spiffy stuff.
Yes, I did experience all the joys of not smoking — like breathing all the air, tasting all the food, being able to run without panting horrendously, holding a longer musical note — all of them, positively delightful.
But the real joy is in not smoking. It’s a certain freedom. A freedom, in my opinion, that non-smokers might even take for granted.

Yeah, maybe I’m addicted to nicotine. Maybe. Don’t know. Didn’t freak out about not being able to vape after oral surgery. Surely do enjoy vaping. Think I might always vape, even when my nicotine goes down to zero. It’s a pleasure. It’s like the pleasure of smoking, only better in so many ways.

I’ll tell you one thing I so enjoy — I never have to finish a cigarette. I know! It’s an odd thing to be so pleased about, but smoking is a timing issue. Once you light a cigarette, you’re committed to it. So sometimes you don’t have enough time to smoke, or people don’t want to stand there as long as it takes to smoke it, you don’t want to waste it, or you have to finish smoking it before doing something else. None of that. The vape, is simply … there.

Within two weeks, most of our smoking friends and family had also quit smoking and started vaping, too. Isn’t that nice?
I still keep an ashtray on hand, since I’ve vowed not to be one of those terrible reformed smokers who hounds people. I will still be a gracious hostess.

There’s really nothin more to it. It’s easy. It’s cleaner, cheaper, and gosh darn it, I like it!

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34 Responses to On Vaping

  1. LindaGHill says:

    Congratulations on quitting the cigarettes! *looks up “vaping” on the internet to see what the hell it is*


  2. Deborah says:

    Congratulations on quitting! I think the vaping thing is awesome. I’m surprised more people don’t do it. I love the description of all the benefits you’ve found. I was smiling just reading about it. 🙂 I do like your attitude about being hospitable. Many ex-smokers are kind of over the top about hassling those who haven’t stopped, so that really impresses me. 🙂


  3. meg68 says:

    That sounds awesome! I have never heard of vaping? E-cigs yes, but not vaping? I’ve done well today, (but I knew I would), even sat with the friends while they smoked and thought, “wow that stinks!”
    My trouble starts long after, when you’re perfectly comfortable with your “non-smoking” status and you innocently attend a birthday party or see a movie and BAM – “I can stop at one”….
    NO, no I can’t.
    Maybe I should save this “vaping” idea for that moment?


    • You can do it, you know you can. I still think the first smell of someone lighting a cigarette smells wonderful. Stale smoke, uh…not so much, lol. I’d encourage you to look into vaping, if it keeps you from lighting just one.


  4. Kat's Den says:

    Good for you! I wish I’d stuck with it. I quit a 30yr 3-pack a day habit by vaping and stayed off cigs for an entire year. The whole time, Husband still smoked, and in the house no less. I couldn’t stand it. I started smoking a cig or two here and there and eventually, over the course of the last year, I’m back up to about a pack a day. It’s still not three, but I think it’s where I’m headed. I still have all my vape stuff, and for a long while I did both. I haven’t vaped in weeks, though, and every day I think, “Okay, I’ll get right back to that.” I think if Husband had quit with me, or at least smoked outside, it might have been a lot easier to stay off the cigs.


    • I understand, Kat. Sometimes, it’s a “if you can’t beat em, join em” situation. The Mister quit for a long time, so while he was off training out of state, I quit. I did really well. Unbelievably, he took it up again while he was gone, and when he came home, it only took a few evenings of “I’ll just have one with you….” and by the time a few weeks passed, I was smoking again! It really is much harder when you’re not doing it together. The trick is really never lighting one again, and if that can’t be helped, not ever buying another pack. But if you have a smoker in the house…
      I hope you’ll get back to vaping, but like I said, I won’t hound you 😉


  5. Dan Antion says:

    Congrats on quitting. I’m the guy who never smoked so I can’t really relate to the satisfaction of quitting of the new found joy, but I can be happy for you and your healthier self. Just curious though, what kind of flavors?


    • We’re both rather fond of the Nuclear Cinnamon Fireball, that’s the one we both use most. We both like Mother’s Milk, Espresso, and Butter Rum. I like Absinthe, Kentucky Peachwood, and Mint, but him, not so much. There are all kindsa flavors, like if you’ve ever tasted it, they’ve made it into a vapor. Even stuff like Fruity Pebbles, Jack and Coke, Raspberry Cheesecake, Blueberry Pie, Bahama Mama…Hundreds of flavors.


  6. Yay for you! I’m particularly pleased to read that by following your example, other people have also taken up vaping.

    Caffeine is my preferred drug. And since I’m a double cream kinda gal, I pay the price in caloric content. I see that vaping comes in Espresso falvour… hmmmm.


  7. Sherry says:

    oh Joey thank you. We had no idea vaping was different from e-cigs…My husband has been not too successful with those and he is already on inhalers to breathe…This may be the answer! He’s off on the internet investigating…more information if you have it…as to what works best?


    • I’d say find your local vape shop. The size/power of the batteries vary greatly, and he’ll want to test things out before making a purchase. I’d also suggest at least three flavors, because ironically, vaping mouths get bored quickly.


  8. Jewels says:

    Good for you quitting smoking, Joey! Glad you’re enjoying your vaping! 😀


  9. Congratulations on quitting. My husband has been smoking for over 20 years and tried e-cigarettes and couldn’t stomach it. will recommend your post to him. let’s see…


  10. Matt Roberts says:

    Yup. When you and one of your friends (Loribeth maybe?) was trying to sell me on this, I was like “Whatevs!” But a guy I work with decided to open a shop selling the stuff, so he’s literally sold every smoker we work with on vaping. Cause better business for him, of course. I decided to give it a shot and my boss gave me his pen for my birthday, cause he’s got two bigger, better batteries now and didn’t need it. I bought a couple bottles of juice and away I went.

    I still need cigarettes from time to time. But I’ve slowed down on them a lot. I do think I need to either get a better battery that burns higher, or I need to try a heavier dose of nicotine, but I love it. I love the flavors, I love that I’m not smoking cigarettes so much, I love how cheap it is, I love how I can do it almost anywhere, where as smoking cigarettes now is only allowed inside dumpsters down alleys that not even homeless people go down.

    And you’re right, those disposable gas station cigarettes are TERRIBLE. Not the same thing at all. I’ll never do those again. Vaping is nice, glad I made the switch. And I know so many others who have as well!


    • Yeah, I am sad for the people who think vaping is the gas station kind. When I brought this up to you, you were so indignant that you’d tried it and it didn’t work, so I actually wrote this post with you in mind. Not just you, but definitely you.

      I lol’d at the alley way reference.



      • Matt Roberts says:

        It’s true! Some places are just so anti-smoke of any kind that they’d rather you shoot yourself in the face on their property than light up.

        So, what are your favorite flavors? So far I’ve only bought and used Vapor State stuff, they’re out of Columbus, OH I think. Mt. Dew and Kentucky Bourbon flavors. The bourbon is amazingly good lol. Going to try more soon.


        • Nuclear Cinnamon Fireball is awesome. I love Absinthe, and Ice Pop — all those are local, proprietary from our vape shop. Kentucky Peachwood from Mountain Oak (Bourbonish), Mother’s Milk from Suicide Bunny(OMG that’s my fave), Nirvana also from Mountain Oak. I’ve liked butter rum, espresso, lychee. Don’t care much for fruits, in general. I got one last night, another Mountain Oak one, called Eskimo Kisses, and it’s like a York peppermint patty! 😛


        • OH! And Nash (the vape guy) sold me a box mod battery for half price. He actually gave it to me to use for a few weeks, and said if I liked it, he’d sell it half off, and if I didn’t, just bring it back. I love it. It’s awkward to carry, but I love how it doesn’t need charged for days and days. Plus, it has an indicator light that shows you when it’s dying, like a stoplight, from green to orange to red. Love it. Love, Love, Love. I gave my big pen/wand to The Mister, and he prefers it. I vape everything at 3.4 and it’s QUITE a hit. Down to 6 on nicotine. Vaping 0 doesn’t taste good in all flavors. 😦


  11. cara says:

    Off to find a vape shop!

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