Happy Monday?

This was an odd weekend.

It rained all weekend. It rained and it rained and it rained. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and grinned accordingly. The Mister “had had enough of this shit” pretty much immediately and Sassy suffered because rain is nature falling from the sky and she almost froze to death because the temperature dropped below 80 and well, I think she may be a desert creature.

I opened the windows and slept like a dream every night.
It was divine.

I hear my boots and sweaters calling to me and I painted my toenails raspberry. In September. Mmhm. Maybe a lil wishful thinkin there. Maybe not.

The girls went to an event, leaving us alone for several hours.
Here are the pictures:

Aren’t they darling? This’ll be my thing now. I’ll be the mom showing you collars and elbows.

Do you know when this set of teens goes out, we don’t have two other little ones to take care of at home? Isn’t that bizarre?!?

At Steak n’ Shake, The Mister ordered a shake and they brought it in a to-go cup. I ordered a hot fudge sundae and they delivered it in a paper cup, with a lid and a plastic spoon, like it was carry-out. I no likey that.
I asked The Mister, “Are they out of dishes?”
He then gave a sweeping hand gesture at the nearly empty restaurant. No idea. Sassy accidentally stole a spoon with her shake, but at least she got actual metal utensils. (We’ll take it back, y’all know how I feel about accidental stealing.)

I was super excited to see what I thought were butterscotch-covered pretzels at the store, but they were pumpkin fucking spice.

I accidentally bought fat free milk and I don’t know if we can cope. Maybe I’ll make a lot of fat free puddin.

I bought blueberry streusel and apparently I’m the only one who’ll eat it. Isn’t that sad?

My roast (or as Moo says, meat with the stuff in the red thing) didn’t come out right. I.don’t.know. I only care about the non-meat bits, personally, and those were superb, but dammit, that sucker cooked all day and should have been fallin apart. Why is it, when you cook it the same way every time, sometimes it doesn’t turn out the same? I bet that happens to me at least once a year. Tell me if that happens to you.


I had Sassy bring in some basil and I washed it and plucked the burn spots, only I didn’t know one of those burn spots was actually a beetle and it bit me. I threw it to the ground and let the dog play it to death. I WIN.

We wanted to avoid Broad Ripple because it floods but that’s where the gyro place is. However, it turns out, they also have one in Fishers, so we went there, where I got the falafel and he had the lamb and that was quite nice.


We had pizza one day, too. Greasy mall pizza.

We were out a lot.

My husband worked a bit, but not his regular I’m-workin-extra hours and that freaked me out, because Saturday mornings are always weird when he’s not here and there’s no coffee made, but then he was really, really late!

Janet said the readers at Aldi are cheap, so I stopped to check em out, and I don’t know if cheap is even the right word. I bought three pair for $4.99. I’ll buy more when I see them again. Just decorate the house with them.

Our internet went out. The truck people had to come out and take the ladder to the pole and do things, and then our network name changed, but we didn’t know that the network name changed. Twas Moo who figured it out and fixed it and then we had internet again. Moo is awesome.

I also found out Moo packs “snackies” for Sassy to take to school and I think that’s precious.

We saw a man try to put an antique bookcase into the back of his Prius. He seemed surprised it didn’t fit.

That’s my upbeat thought for today. No matter if things don’t go as planned, even if you screw somethin up, did you even try to put a bookcase in your Prius?

See? You can has good day.



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90 Responses to Nine-Ten-Eighteen

  1. Dan Antion says:

    It’s hard to believe that I’m saying this, but that falafel looks good. I’d rather have the meat thing, but it does look good. I hope you have a great Monday, and skip right through this week like it wasn’t there.

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  2. Joanne Sisco says:

    A smile on a Monday morning – which in my world is starting a little rocky today. For that, I thank you for the smiles πŸ™‚

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  3. I love everything about autumn… except pumpkin spice. Enough already. Just because it stands still doesn’t mean it will be better with pumpkin. And don’t get me started on all the pumpkin beer and alcohol on the shelves. That’s just wrong!
    And I’m just guessing, but maybe the roast would have been improved by the basil beetle? Don’t be so quick to kill the added protein next time.

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  4. loisajay says:

    I love this, Joey. It was beautiful this weekend. Yard sale at my house this coming Saturday (I just shuddered as I wrote this). Pricing stuff….I am dreading this already. Piper ear check-up this morning and onward to the rest of the week. Have a great one!

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  5. eschudel says:

    It rained all weekend here too, and I am as happy as can be – I love fall!! Happy Monday!

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  6. Gotta admit, I’ve been stalking for pumpkin beer, but haven’t seen any yet. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

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  7. ghostmmnc says:

    Sounds like a full and fun weekend!
    Happy Monday! πŸ™‚
    Glad you’re getting some rainy fall weather. It’s changing around here, too. Not long until it’s officially fall!

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  8. Bill says:

    Happy Monday. Yesterday I walked for an hour in the rain. Loved it! Temp this morn was below 70. It will not last, but I’m taking it. Have a great week y’all.

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  9. How anyone can be happy about rain beats me. The gloom and chill of late are signs of what is to come and already I’m not liking it. Not. One. Bit. I looked at my light machine and am already tempted to turn it on. Beats me why your stew didn’t turn out good. It looks great! I’m of the spoiled type now cause hubby cooks dinners. We worked that all out when I finally told him no way no how could I do all I do and live. HAPPY MONDAY, Joey! Hope you can skip and hop all throughout this week. Have a good one!!!

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  10. Benson says:

    I’m with Sassy about the weather. I am walking around in a sweat shirt and Clara has the AC on, I want to see a pic of your raspberry nails. The other day I fell asleep on the couch and She painted my toenails pink. Luckily only my left foot was exposed. Pumpkin Spice is so overdone. I choose to avoid that all together. Weird about Steak and Shake.I always thought their use of real glass and china was their biggest separator among other burger joints. Well your weekend sounds blissful. Sorry about your roast. Were the cuts the same? Have a wonderful week.

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    • joey says:

      The cuts were the same. I dunno what it is. Pisses me off. I do it the same exact way every time. Frustrating.
      I can’t believe Clara’s got the AC on! I’m in pajamas AND a sweater, and I’m thinkin about socks. The Mister came home and cracked the window in our bedroom and once the sun goes down, it’ll be outright chilly! Sorry you’re cold :/
      I will show you my toenails if you show me yours.
      Steak n’ Shake was just weird that night. She comped our drinks, one waitress, whole restaurant, she did best she could. I overtipped her, but damn, I wanted a proper sundae.

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  11. Jewels says:

    Mmm I love rainy days… But we had the perfect weather here yo, it was cool and sunny and fall-ish like. 😍 I went to Renfest with my little granddaughter this weekend and we frolicked around without a care, it was wonderful! I need more frolicking in my life. πŸ™ƒ Have a great week, Joey! ❀

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  12. John Holton says:

    Really, paper service items at Steak ‘n’ Shake? I’d complain.

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    • joey says:

      It was so odd. There was only one waitress at the time, and as it got busier, her life got harder. I wonder if the dishwasher no showed or somethin. I was not happy.


  13. I think the help at Steak n’ Shake were trying to tell you something. And as for the reading glasses, my wife keeps at least one in every room (along with purse, car, work, etc.)…about 37 pairs at last count. Aldi’s here we come!

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  14. Laura says:

    Yes yes yesyesyes. Why oh why do the laws of physics shift in a crock pot? Because I indeed feel like wailing when a kid says this doesn’t taste right because I LITERALLY cooked it the EXACT SAME WAY so WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WON’T EAT IT. Bless.

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  15. prior.. says:

    Joey thanks for this.
    and when we bought stuff at IKEA (many many moons ago) my hubs was determined to make it all fit in his small suv thing –
    we said it would not fit and then when it did – we made upa song
    “never say never to the chip dog – cos chip dog never says never
    never ever never never never never….” sung with some sass – like a jump rope chant.
    your prius story brought that to mind.

    and Go MOO!
    love the artsy shots of elbow/collar
    and nice laugh with this:

    Just decorate the house with them.

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  16. prior.. says:

    also – add an intsa pot to your “get list” because it is an amazing life changing item – cooks things fast and through –

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  17. Now that I’ve read this my day is all smiles. The meat with the stuff in the red thing looks tasty!

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  18. JT Twissel says:

    On here in California we are praying for rain! Pumpkin spice pretzels – oh my god. Have a lovely week Joey!

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  19. You’re off to a roll, girl. LOL Yes, I’ve had roasts that melted in your mouth and others that needed a power saw – you’re not alone. I like all the eating out menus, and the girls look beautiful. πŸ™‚

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  20. Sue says:

    Ditto on the pot roast. I don’t think I’ve ever made the same dish twice, LOL. I have a habit of throwing in the kitchen sink, spices and whatnot, whatever’s in the house. Some become culinary masterpieces, others go down the garbage disposal – either way, I can’t duplicate the recipe. As for the rain …WOOHOO! It’s finally raining here too! Have a great week!

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    • joey says:

      Cooking is best done as an art, unless you have a standard recipe for Sunday roasts and the roasts do you wrong! I’m glad you’re enjoying your rain, too πŸ™‚ You have a good week, yourself.

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  21. Luanne says:

    Yes, you can has good day if you get all the good food, even pumpkin fucking spice. What is WRONG with that I’d like to know? OK ok. Love the collar-elbow thing. What a good idea. Snippets of family. I like it.

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  22. Amy says:

    I hate when the food don’t cook the same way that it always has. I haven’t had butterscotch covered pretzels, but they sound divine. We used to love the raspberry covered ones that they sell at Fresh Market. I was just talking about good falafel is with the hubby. He hasn’t ever tried it and I was telling him that we needed to remedy that. πŸ™‚

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  23. JoAnna says:

    Food not turning out right when you did it all right is because of humidity or barometric pressure. If weather can affect mood and cause body aches, surely it can mess with food. Your falafel photo looks delicious and the collar and elbow shots are definitely darling.

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  24. larva225 says:

    I accidentally bought fat free half and half a couple of weeks ago. Vile. I ended up dumping it in a sausage-kale-turnip soup I made which overreduced and got way too salty. That’s about all that vile liquid is good for.


  25. I was so happy to see sunshine on Sunday after raining for a week and half. Love rain but the clouds everyday can make a person sad. I think I am ready for Fall…think….:) I’ll be glad to be done with mowing at least. I’m ready to decorate for sure. I didn’t do much with Spring. You mentioned readers, now why didn’t I think of that. I am always forgetting mine at home and downstairs. I think it is mostly due to the fact, I don’t want to admit I need them. Funny thing is, I use to have regular glasses for not seeing far, not bad, but last appointment that got better with no need for it but now I can not see near. Go figure. I blame reading my tiny phone! LOL Have a wonderful week. πŸ™‚

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  26. marianallen says:

    Things invariably come out wrong if I make them for somebody else. Particularly if I make them for somebody I want to impress.

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  27. The food sounded and looked good until you got to the basil beetle. I’d have probably tossed the whole pot!

    My boots, turtlenecks, and wool skirts are calling me too! I hope my wool skirts still fit, and aren’t too short for this old lady now. I’ve already had to give away far too many b/cI felt they were too short for my age. I detest getting old!

    YES! to readers all over the house! That was cheap.

    We had a Steak n Shake open up just down the road, and it closed in a month. It didn’t fare well here. It opened and closed so fast I never got in to try it!

    I hope your week is going well.

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    • joey says:


      You are too silly. Wear any skirt length that feels good. There is no age limit on skirt lengths, I don’t care what they say. ‘Specially if you’ve got the legs πŸ™‚ Look at Tina Turner!

      The beetle didn’t get to the pot, no need to toss the dish. But oy, that hurt more than I thought! Kinda like a papercut. Pfft. Stupid basil beetle!

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  28. Anxious Mom says:

    Butterscotch pretzels sound amazing.

    We Prius owners like to tell people how they’re more spacious than you’d think, but an old bookcase? Lol poor guy.

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