SoCS — Critic(al)

Okay, so here’s the thing, for everyone, every one of us, our good traits are our bad traits. Our strengths and weaknesses are the same things. Compassionate? Taken advantage of. Stubborn? Can do. Free-spirited? Reckless. Dumb? Blissfully unaware. I’m tellin ya, they all go both ways.
One of mine is perceptive as fuck. Don’t act like you aren’t impressed by my spot-on memory of detail. I am always making connections. See also, crazy intuitive and paranoid — let’s all remember that just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean I’m wrong.
On the one hand, I am a fairly reliable narrator who recounts entertaining stories with detail and on the other hand, spending time with me will inevitably result in a pinpoint attack on your personage. Cause while I may bite my tongue or whisper it to my cat for years, eventually Imma say it or write it.

I can’t NOT see it.Β Unfortunately fortunately, I recognize and value truth.


(Let’s all take a moment to feel sorry for Sassy’s sensitive ass, living here with 3 of us.)

I see it all. I can’t not see it all. I’m not wearing rose-colored glasses, I try them on from time to time, because I am extremely critical and the world needs more positive energy. I can’t see it all and not see the bad shit. Don’t be absurd.
I can’t help it.
Even I do it to myself. I do it to myself THE MOST.


I prefer to focus on all the good things.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday — SoCS ‘critc(al)’ is brought to you by LindaGHill


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50 Responses to SoCS — Critic(al)

  1. And I was just thinking about getting to Indy to visit one of these days when it warms up! πŸ™‚ Hee, hee.


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  2. loisajay says:

    I am a Sagittarius and that is exactly how I apologize! I call it being realistic. I am a cut-to-the-chase kind of gal. That is a good thing. I will be sure to let you know that, too. πŸ˜€

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  3. Cool post. Funny how we look at things differently as adults. We can see the bad along with the good in ourselves.

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  4. Benson says:

    I like straight forward people. I also agree with your assessment of bad traits and good traits being identical. Of course I am beginning to realize that age takes the edge off everything good traits included. I guess that means I am getting nicer every day; and meaner as well. Happy Saturday. Oh and offer my sympathies to Sassy.

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  5. J-Dub says:

    Poor Sassy 😦
    Took me years to realize what you say is true.
    Imma go back to all those people and tell em that I was just being passionate!!! Passion is good right?!?!?
    Bite me buttercup (not you! you are not the buttercup)!! All the belly aching whiner complainers who cannot accept me and my passion are the buttercups!! πŸ™‚
    And now I can blame my astrological sign. Who knew?

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    • joey says:

      Yeah, it’s a Sagittarius problem, bluntly stating things, callin it out, kind or not. I think we all work on it, especially on holding back hurting someone — but at least when we’re paying a compliment, people know we mean it.

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  6. Jami Carder says:

    I still love how your “about” section lists “neurotic bitch” first

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  7. Prior... says:

    Oh my – same here – I can’t not see it and in my early teens my mom helped me to not destroy people with my feedback – words – or oberservations – seriously – I made her cry one time because of something I said (I was maybe 14) and well – thankfully she helped messenger more about empathy (some people never fully get empathy especially those with narcissism – they destroy people because they are so hurt in their battle with feelings superiority and depression and constant need to gratify self) and so slowly I learned to more effectively use my “insights” and ability to “read” people and situations.
    I think I missed my calling as a lawyer because the kind of insight and perception is what helps a lawyer argue –
    But it has served me well where I can give specific feedback and people are surprised sometimes
    – or when occasionally something comes up – like this bitchy lady at the church was snarky back in 2005 about my having a spat with my little sister (long story) but I recalled observing her on the phone in 2003 and she told (her sister of all people) that she was leaving that night when she had two more days –
    So minor but is that what you are talking about?
    We pay attention
    We remember
    And we will watch our delivery
    But I told her ” yes – my sis and I are having a spat about the labs (I let them in her fifth wheel and no pets allowed – but had to – again – long story)

    The only other comment is that this is the kind of stuff “trust” is built of –
    When you say you are going to write it or say it
    – I think that is the real and raw side of you
    As opposed to to when people hide – conceal because of manners – or pretend – oh my goodness is that bad for society

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    • joey says:

      Yes, that is what I mean. Good manners are one thing, open, honest relationships require some real and raw.
      I think those of us who are blessed/cursed with the ability to see in detail and beyond are further blessed/cursed when we also possess a passion for honesty and no BS. It can be so hard on others and that makes us feel bad, but also, it’s incredibly helpful to them at times. I know you know what I mean.
      “We pay attention
      We remember
      And we will watch our delivery.”
      Tact. I have to practice it as it’s completely unnatural to me. *sigh*

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  8. Dan Antion says:

    I like the apology method – I think I’ve been the recipient of more than a few of those. Good or bad, our traits are OURS πŸ™‚

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  9. Bill says:

    β€œTo see ourselves as others see us is a most salutary gift. Hardly less important is the capacity to see others as they see themselves.” ― Aldous Huxley, The Doors of Perception.
    Indeed, I have seen your memory at work. This is deep. I must ponder.

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  10. Amy says:

    My dad is a Sagittarius. I don’t think he sugar-coated anything. lol. My kids are always in shock that I know things. I’m pretty good at reading people, especially the ones I live with.

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  11. JoAnna says:

    Yep. Every strength can be a weakness. I’m not as compassionate as I used to be after enough of the being taken advantage of. The pendulum swings and finds occasional balance. Thank you for your intuition and perceptiveness. Those things can keep us safe if they don’t drive us crazy.

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  12. I can relate, I truly can. With friends, I can be snarky and funny. But, with strangers or acquaintances I have to temper my words. I get most of my negativity out each day by watching/listening to one news program (one is my limit), then I can focus on the positive the rest of the day. Happy Sunday!

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  13. markbialczak says:

    I boast/suffer of/from similar Sagittarian traits, Joey.

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  14. Perpetua says:

    Well, we came as a package. Ying/Yang, accept it. Take or leave it. Hard to say, eh.

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  15. JT Twissel says:

    I was raised to keep my opinions to myself and never to open my mouth unless I had something positive to say. So I have difficulty giving criticism. I always wrap it in a lot of positives….. probably making it useless but …

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  16. Ally Bean says:

    Well said. Why not focus on doing things in a way that feels right and authentic to you? Online I temper my words and thoughts more than I do in daily life. Don’t know why, but that’s how Ms. Bean rolls. As they say… you do you, I’ll be me.

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  17. Maggie says:

    I gave my critic the proverbial pink slip. She still hangs out, but she’s a little kinder since she’s looking for work. Enjoyed your post.

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  18. marianallen says:

    JEEzus, Joey! Okay, I’m braced. Sooner or later, Imma hear what I need to hear. Puttin’ on my bulletproof big girl panties. Wait….that sounded…odd….

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    • joey says:

      Well I got nothin so far. Clearly we have a lot of differences — you like grocery shopping and you do put eggs in your pimiento spread, after all, but I haven’t found fault in you.

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