M is for Magical

Magic, like happiness, is where you find it. This morning wasn’t my morning to get up with the girls, so I slept til 9:30. As soon as I woke, I remembered it snowed last night. I might be the only person in North America who was tickled that it snowed last night. Remember, I like to be lured into Spring.


I rushed to the window to see if it had stuck, and then I went outside to take this photo immediately.


I love being home. Before I lived in Georgia, I don’t think I ever thought so much about landscapes.
I remember asking my husband when he got there, “Are there mostly deciduous trees, or conifers?” and his replying, “What?” So clearly trees were important to me before I left. Now, for me, the glory of all four seasons, with Summer being the shortest, feels necessary. Necessary for my mental health and certainly for my skin.

I was having a lovely morning of reading when The Mister called to say he would be skipping his afternoon lecture, to mail out our taxes and to take me to lunch. We went to our favorite Mexican place, where The Mister actually drank a large beer! At lunch! This is unheard of.


We had the most cordial, and perhaps the prettiest, waiter that ever there was. As we left, I said I wish we had some cash, and The Mister agreed. (If you’ve never waited tables, you may not know, but your server’s taxes are calculated by income receipts. So when you leave a tip with your card, he hasta claim all that, but with cash, there’s not proof, so maybe the IRS just thinks he’s a crap waiter.) When I get great service, I like to leave a little on the card and more cash on the table.


Since The Mister drank his giant beer I was more than happy to drive us over to the local Mexican bakery after lunch, where I collected delicious treats for after school. It seemed our waiter had the same idea, because shortly after we arrived, he came in, too. Unfortunately, I had forgotten or never knew, the bakery does not take cards, and once again, we wished we had cash. I told the cashier we would go to the ATM and return.

As we walked back to the van, discussing the nearest ATM, our waiter hollered, “Amigo!” and The Mister turned around to find our waiter, holding our bag of goodies, telling us he paid for them.
That is so delightful! It’s been quite awhile since we’ve been the recipients of such a kindness.

Now I wish I had tipped him even more!

On the drive home, I went on and on and on, how I do, about the majesty of the scenery.
“I love this weather! It’s glorious! I‘m just so happy to be home! I just don’t think I could ever take it for granted again. I mean, even when the windchill was -40, I’d just think, well at least I’m not in fuckin Georgia anymore!”
“Right. No more fuckin Georgia.”
“Look at this! Sunny skies and snow! Snow! Green grass, blooms on the trees, tulips in the snow…”
“Rain on the scarecrow. Blood on the plow.”

I laughed my ass off, I did.


You can take the girl out of Indiana, but you can’t take Indiana out of the girl.
Magical day. *smiles*


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14 Responses to M is for Magical

  1. stephie5741 says:

    Any day that involves Mexican food is a good day, but those bakery goods look DELICIOUS!!!



  2. cardamone5 says:

    Your husband sounds hilarious. He gets you, as mine does me!


  3. This post makes me smile. Especially the last paragraphs–snow and tulips side by side. (And I’ll have to remember cash when I go to a restaurant. Forgot the detail about the IRS.)


  4. spacurious says:

    I love that you pointed out the cash tip thing also because if you tip on the card, they don’t necessarily get that money right away. I have to wait 2 weeks to get credit card tips and I’m hating all of you that leave them. Now I sound like an ungrateful bitch…again. Whatever. I’m not sure if it’s the wine or the ambien but were there always dots on your page background? However they got there – I likey.


  5. No, I totally get it. The card tips are calculated into your pay, whereas you go home with cash tips. Yep.
    No, yesterday I paid for my domain and added a custom background. Thanks for noticing, glad you likey! 🙂


    • Miss Lou says:

      That’s a huge beer!! I too love the snow, but that’s due to the fact that I never experience it!!

      I also get pretty bad arthritis in my pelvis in cold weather, so love it from a distance, yanno? Lol

      Your waiter ws delightful to cover the cost of your bundle. Restores ones faith in the kindness of people…


  6. Sherry says:

    We seem to share happiness Joey…I don’t hate Iowa the way you seem to loathe Georgia, but I was so sick of the weather there and the limitations it placed upon me that I always praise my life now, even when I’m chilled to the bone after a early morning desert walk. It’s way better than before and that’s enough…If you are happy, its all good. We just dream to a different weather fairy…lol…


  7. suzjones says:

    Wow!! What a magical day filled with beauty and blessings!!!! 🙂


  8. meg68 says:

    You seem to have such a complicated system over there. I receive a salary that reflects the hours of work I do each week. I also am able to keep any (cash) tips I get. I really don’t know how some of your servers survive relying on tips?!
    Although I can see the incentive in having to go the extra mile in order to make more dollars, in Australia good service is expected, not “paid for”.
    *feels sorry for American servers…. then remembers who our Prime Minister is and ducks head in shame 😦


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