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You’re Safe with a Man in the House

Like a lot of kids, if I woke up scared, I’d head to my parents’ bedroom. Like a lot of parents, they grew annoyed, and began to forbid it. I have memories of them carefully lifting their feet over me, … Continue reading

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In Other News

I recently became a grandmother. Sissy and the baby are both well, and for that I am extremely grateful. I am also delighted Sissy gave Sassy’s middle name to her son. He’s beautiful, and I’m not even biased, cause I’ll be … Continue reading

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House Hunting Is Not for Sissies

I need a real estate agent.  No, I don’t want just any old real estate agent, just like I don’t want some cracker box house that looks like all of its neighbors.  Silly me, I’ve been browsing houses instead of … Continue reading

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