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If you’re one of the twelve people who know my life, you no doubt feel my sadness at the mere mention of the word felicity. Felicity means happiness. Happiness is what my beloved kitty, Felicity, gave me for eleven precious … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Como

You may remember that over the summer, I fell in love with this little sweetie at an adoption event? A week ago, we re-homed her with a woman we met through MIL. She was ready to love a new kitty … Continue reading

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Como: Growly Scaredy Pitter-Pat Cat

Early last week, I packed up Cletus for his distemper booster, and Como, because I wanted our vet to have a look-see and to give me some advice on the whole why-is-this-cat-so-weird? situation. For over a month now, Como has … Continue reading

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Black and White and Loved All Over

You may remember that I fully intend to have chickens in my back yard, and how disappointed I was to find out we cannot keep goats in the city? Non? Well maybe you remember that I had two cats and … Continue reading

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My Furry Family

Maybe it was rude to introduce you to Chubby Squirrel before introducing you to my actual pets. Never you mind that I’ve probably taken more photos of Chubby Squirrel than I have of my firstborn…Shh. This.Is.Catticus. Catticus is supposed to … Continue reading

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