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K is for Kitchen

Because I am a person who spends a great deal of time in the kitchen, I need things to function. So, when the garbage disposal started making sounds like it was going to fly up through the drain and eat my … Continue reading

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User Error Much?

As is typical, I’ve got a few irns in the far. Oh, you don’t understand? Years ago, The Mister was like, “Can you not just pick a thing?” No, I cannot pick a thing. I like reading and writing and … Continue reading

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The Weekend’s Over, Right?

My son came in for his spring vacation, which was splendid. He came with a lot of equipment. Cords and cords and more cords, all over everything. He asked for curry, so I made curry. He wants something for his … Continue reading

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There’s No Snowstorm in my Garage

Our snowpocalypse hasn’t been all that eventful, but I’ll share the highlights. I shoveled three times in six hours. Each time I went out to shovel, I could no longer see where I shoveled. The Mister told me to stop. … Continue reading

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I am Not the Chainsaw Lady

Friend of my friend…family of my other friend…could be my long lost kin… We’ll call him Mr. F, cause my ball of people is so intertwined, y’all, I couldn’t even begin to explain how tightly wrapped my ball of people … Continue reading

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