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The Woman On The Bed

What did I do on the first day of fall break? I got up at 5:30am and drove the kid to the thing. Then I hosted LindaGHill’s Saturday Stream of Consciousness. Then I picked the kid up and grabbed some … Continue reading

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Automom and Mr Busyness A. Gogo

“…And the skies will be cloudy all day…” Alternative song lyrics for those of us who enjoy the cooler, grayer days. I don’t know why October thinks it needs to be so warm, but I’m glad for the gray. Fall … Continue reading

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SoCS — Do Dew Due

  That’s what I got for the prompt. Pretty much all I know of the song is de do do do and da da da and “their logic ties me up and wrecks me” cause OMG SAME, but I dig … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — Fiesta

Oh, I know, you think these are gonna be some fab photos of brightly-colored doors and happy Spanish-speaking people partying, but I need to quash that hope right now. No. There were gobs of happy Spanish-speaking people, and me trying … Continue reading

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Clean Your Room

After reading Erika’s post over at Dorky Mom Doodles, I almost commented in 700 words, but then I realized, I could reply in my very own blog and hold all my readers hostage instead. Four kids. Three of my kids … Continue reading

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Sugar Assault

“Ooh, In the name of love…”   We went to the frickin grocery store on Friday. We did. We took Sassy to the football game and then we went to the Fresh Thyme and they don’t carry vegetable oil, because … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday — OMG MOO LOLZ

Picked Moo up from afters the other day. Soon as she got in the car, she said, “I’m glad I’m not doin cheer anymore.” “Yeah? Why? What’re they doin?” “Going to a football game!” I cackled. I laughed so hard, … Continue reading

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Love is blind. He’s also deaf. I love the way the lingering scent of him still emanates from his tee-shirts even as I fold them fresh from the wash. I love the roughness of his hands, the softness of his … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — Miniatures

  It’s only about the size of my hand. This one’s less deceiving:   Dollhouse doors? Kinda. The dollhouses at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis are actually not dollhouses, they’re miniatures. Miniature replicas of real-life rooms in historical homes. From … Continue reading

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SoCS — Guess What?

Chicken butt. Chicken butt not featured: Turkey sold separately. I made my annual trip to the Indiana State Fair and somehow neglected to get any chicken butt shots. Oh well, whaddya gonna do? Guess what? Ever since SOME EARLY BIRD … Continue reading

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