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The Z Discussion

  “Okay people. Words that start with Z. Tomorrow’s the last day for A-Z so Z.” “Zebra!” Moo suggested. “And what will I write about zebras?” “Uh…” “Everyone’s going to be writing about zombies.” “You could write about how you … Continue reading

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SoCS — Spell

April A-Z — S Lemme sit a spell and write a thing. I’m late today. I was up half the night catchin up with a friend. Slept pretty hard for about six hours. Morning came early, but lusty. I watched a documentary on trees … Continue reading

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SoCS — Moo & Cowy

A-Z through April — M   You know Moo’s name isn’t Moo, right? We just call her that. Moo, Moomalade, Moomy, Moomers, Moo Moo. It’s Sassy’s fault. Like Beezus and Ramona, it’s Sassy’s fault. Some of Moo’s friends call her … Continue reading

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SoCS — Given

A-Z through April — G Given the sublime weather today — Oh Sunshine, we missed you! So nice of you to bring along some sixties, too! — I didn’t get up and have coffee and stare at my trees and … Continue reading

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Female Phrasing

A-Z through April — F   Moo sat on our bed, talkin to her daddy on my phone. I couldn’t talk. “Can’t talk. Doin the fings!” I was trying to hang my scarves on the nail heads, how I do. … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday — STEM Prep

Moo made her daddy a sammich last week. She did it with love and care. She told him, “I even deleted the seeds from your tomatoes.”   One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you by LindaGHill

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Five or Six Weekends

I pulled into the drive last night and found my first tulip had opened. I took a photo, but it’s blurry. I think you can tell, from what’s goin on around that tulip, what I need to do with my … Continue reading

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My Secret Shame

I was readin vanbytheriver last night, which was a fun little read about birds and love. It struck me as funny-odd that she didn’t know the birds in question were mourning doves, but then I had to mention in a family of birders, … Continue reading

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SoCS — This Woman is Done

Managed to get through the week. Thought we’d never get to #ThursdayDoors and Thursday Kittens — thank you for the extras, eschudel. Thought we’d never get home last night. Chose side effects over pain this week. Manic pace. Dizzying. Demanding. So … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — A Night at the Symphony

Sassy was one of twelve students asked to play before the symphony’s performance last night. Those students played as people walked in. They provided intro music. This particular night at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra featured Student Side-By-Side. The best of the best high school … Continue reading

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