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The Taste of Home

Yesterday, I made this tortellini soup. The daughter of my old friend, Tori, no longer with us, asked me for the recipe. Y’all know I don’t really do recipes, but I sent her directions. The power of a good soup … Continue reading

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I Like Knobs

I have a specific preference for knobs and buttons and dials. While plenty of gadgets are spectacular, with their digital LED displays and their touchscreens, some things just need to be poked, or rather, I just need to poke them. … Continue reading

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Forever Isn’t Long Enough

Today I called upon one of the many mentors in my life, my fairy godmother. She is a cunning, vibrant, artistic, sprite-like woman who always inspires me. ¬†She bought me my first little black dress, and on New Year’s Eve, … Continue reading

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