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Fortunate Weakling is Fortunate

So Friday night, I began coughing.  I took all my allergy meds and reasoned that perhaps they’re worse right now and I need to move to daily treatment. I didn’t sleep well. I coughed a lot and spent from about … Continue reading

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SoCS – Exposed

It’s been eight-and-a-half years since I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. In all the time I’ve been aware of having anxiety disorder, I have been a careful student of its manifestations. What I know is that when I tell myself … Continue reading

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Stupid Bloody Tuesday

“Stupid bloody Tuesday, man, you been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long…” I am the eggman! I am the eggman! Everybody — Motherfucker, even the YouTube is down! Like I said, stupid bloody Tuesday. (If you don’t … Continue reading

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JusJoJan — 9

COFFEE. (Excellent prompt, Barb.) Jot! I’ve written many posts about coffee. I had to decaf back in 2010, and since then pretty much everyone makes a scowling face and asks, “How can you drink that crap?” or “Why bother?” and … Continue reading

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Schadenfreude is Majestic As Fuck

I mean, every now and again, I like to play “Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend” and laugh like a maniacal teenager, but that’s well below schadenfreude. Personal vindication is like creamy vanilla ice cream and schadenfreude is like hot fudge. Put … Continue reading

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Real Life is Scary Enough, Thanks

For the last four years, I’ve joined some of my writery friends and their friends in writing a story for 13 Stories Til Halloween. This year, I struggled. I kinda always struggle, cause scary, creepy, eerie is not my thing. … Continue reading

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Anxiety — The Summer Reveal

I don’t remember what I was going to write about today, which is a fairly frequent writer-y problem. My idea may well have been hijacked by Anxiety. My parents are coming to visit. You might think this is normal, because … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday — Anxiety Diagnosis

“I realize these itchy bumps on the back of my head may very well be from sweating, but my anxiety tells me it’s either lice or hair cancer.”   One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you by LindaGHill

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Kvetch and Vent

My anxiety has been bad lately. It’s not because of anything. If it were because of anything, it wouldn’t be called Anxiety Disorder. My life is just as peachy keen and just as rotten awful as everyone else’s. This bout of … Continue reading

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Turning Chaos Into Order Since…

For many years, I’ve said my job is making order out of chaos. There were times I had two or four kids and a paying job, but they were short stints, and quite honestly, they overlap with the worst times … Continue reading

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