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But… Butter…

When my friend Tori moved to Indianapolis, she came from San Francisco. I know y’all think San Francisco must be HUGE compared to Indianapolis, but um, no. In terms of largest US cities, San Francisco is ranked 13 and Indy is … Continue reading

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SoCS — Best Joke Ever

Joke is what you get when you smoosh our names together. Joey and Jake smoosh into Joke. Tomorrow is our 17th wedding anniversary. Isn’t that surreal? Come January, we will have known one another for 30 years. Why, it seems like … Continue reading

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Just Jotting Share Your World #4

What one thing are you really glad you did yesterday? I’m really glad I called my mother. It’s hard for us to schedule time to talk. I always think of calling her when she’s already gone to bed. Are you … Continue reading

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Just Jotting Share Your World 2016 #2

1. Do you believe in extraterrestrials or life on other planets? Yes, of course. You almost kinda have to, don’tcha? It seems unlikely that we’d be the only planet with intelligent, sentient beings. Maybe they’re just like us, maybe they’re lil green men, maybe they’re … Continue reading

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Much man. Very taco.

I was reading about Dan’s youthful chicken-eatin days, and it reminded me of the time I invited a giant to come eat all of our tacos. I hesitate to say I was once in love with the giant, but I certainly … Continue reading

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The Taste of Home

Yesterday, I made this tortellini soup. The daughter of my old friend, Tori, no longer with us, asked me for the recipe. Y’all know I don’t really do recipes, but I sent her directions. The power of a good soup … Continue reading

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Finding the Painting

As I wrote in my Happiness post the other day, joy came to me when I found the painting. Vague, huh? Because it has a story. I’m sure it has a much longer, more interesting story before my section of its story … Continue reading

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From There to Pears

Long ago, I rented a townhouse close to the happening area of the city. This year of my life is what I refer to as “The Good Ol’ Days.” High school years were not the best years of my life. I … Continue reading

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My Oenophobia Had a Color

The Back Story: After being pregnant and nursing for several years, I lost my ability to think, I mean, drink. I had previously had a Sunday-Dinner-Sometimes-Thursday Night relationship with Oliver Soft Red Wine. It’s local and inexpensive, and had been my … Continue reading

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