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Will Work for Work

I’ve been working and looking for work for over a month now. Initially, the resume. Oh good grief, lapse in employment! Thank tacos I filled that time with volunteer positions, because being a stay-home parent isn’t enough for a resume, … Continue reading

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Feminism is All About Who’s Makin the Sandwiches, Right?

              As I said here,┬ámy marriage is sexist. I don’t know why it’s sexist. I don’t think we’re sexist. Perhaps it’s better labeled ‘traditional.’ Only, I don’t think we’re terribly traditional. By popular opinion, … Continue reading

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Two Days in Champaign-Urbana

We went to check out some things in Champaign-Urbana, where we want to relocate. It could have been like a mini-vacay, but I experienced anxiety and heartache? at leaving my girls. However, the trip did involve recurrent Starbucks and no … Continue reading

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INFJ, more like, INFFJ

..as in, I’ll never find a fucking job. *winks* A few weeks ago, as I perused job listings, I lamented that I am not a computer analyst, nor am I qualified for any number of the thousands of technical employment … Continue reading

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