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Eight Days Later

Well wasn’t that a lovely break? Didj’all miss my rants, my insights, or just my nonsense? Know what? Doesn’t matter. We both know I don’t pretend to care here on my Not A Nice Lady Blog. I took eight days … Continue reading

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S is for Stretching

Since I am a woman I am the target of every hate-yourself-more marketing campaign. I’ve just watched a program that was recorded on Lifetime television, and as I zoomed through the commercials, I can tell you that THEY think I should be worried … Continue reading

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Why I’m Dying First

Oh I know, you think I want to die first so I can escape the pain of mourning my husband. That would certainly be a grand perk, but I told you before, I am not a romantic. I have practical … Continue reading

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I really am forty. In a two months and a few days, I’ll be forty-one, and hopefully, no worse for wear. I know it’s all the rage to appear to be twenty-nine forever, but I can’t really get down with that. … Continue reading

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I’m Not 29 Forever

I’m 40 today. Forty.Years.Old. I’m vintage, heh. This is what 40 looks like. Me, today. That’s 40 without surgical or chemical intervention. No anti-aging products, none of whatever they tell you will make you look twenty, none of that. I’m … Continue reading

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I Never Know What’s Goin On

Sure sign that you’re of a certain age?  When you’re watching the Academy Awards and you have no idea who the host is.  For awhile, I thought it was Peter Brady with an amazing amount of cosmetic surgery. Fortunately, social … Continue reading

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