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Write Right Now

I’ve probably written ten blogs in the last two weeks, just I didn’t post them. I probably will. When I’m emotionally vulnerable, I like to write, then process, then edit accordingly, then post. Otherwise, I’m a pantser, I just sit … Continue reading

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Share Your World — June 27, 2017

What goal are you working on now? Haha, none. I live a simple, conscious life, no big agendas. I rarely set goals or deadlines or any of that. I’m supposed to live in the moment for better mental health and … Continue reading

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Sunday Evening News

Where to begin… At the beginning? Who can determine a beginning? Everything always leads back to something else. Sassy’s four friends were here for what must have been weeks, but it probably only seems that way because the sun’s up … Continue reading

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SoCS — Whatever The Weather

It was hot here yesterday. Hot and sunny. Icky. So icky. But it could be hotter. I know, cause I done lived in southeast Georgia for seven years. I have to say southeast Georgia, cause when I don’t, people comment … Continue reading

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Tis The Day to Be Merry

Tra-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la! No funny here today. Only smiles. Today is all about the happy! Bubba comes to visit today! I’m workin early, gonna get out with the fam and Master Boombastic. I’ll be takin in the sunshine. I’ll be groovin to tunes, … Continue reading

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Where the Good Smells Are

You know how sometimes you dunno what causes a thing until it happens a second time? Yeah? Well, one night last week Sadie was actin weird. She kept me up half the night, traipsing around with her clickety-clack toenails and her jingle-jangle … Continue reading

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But… Butter…

When my friend Tori moved to Indianapolis, she came from San Francisco. I know y’all think San Francisco must be HUGE compared to Indianapolis, but um, no. In terms of largest US cities, San Francisco is ranked 13 and Indy is … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — It Rants and It Shows You Sheds

Gentle Reader, Feel free to skip the words. Regular Reader, Lean in. I’ve been gettin out quite a bit lately. Wearin shoes and bras all the goddamn time. I’ve been runnin around like a headless chicken. Lakka-lakka-lakka, Drew would say. … Continue reading

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Share Your World — May 15, 2017

How many languages do you you speak? Um, I speak English, Sarcasm, and Profanity fluently. I speak French and Toddler proficiently. I speak Spanish poorly, and can only get into trouble in Italian. The latter two, I am much better at reading … Continue reading

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Let’s Bitch About Tuesday

If y’all are sick of all my gratitude and happiness… Ew. If you have to read one more post about my brilliant, hysterical children… Gag. More matrimonial bliss… Puke. NOT TODAY! Life is all about balance, so let’s bitch. We’re … Continue reading

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