#ThursdayDoors — Alleyway Wanderings

What can I say? It was a beautiful day and I wandered down some alleys in search of interesting doors.


I didn’t say they were pretty, I said they were interesting.

For pretty, I brought you a mural, if you dig it, anyway.


And the blue skies were nice, too.

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Friday, Better than the 9th, 10th, or 11th

This week was LONNNG! I dunno what this week was doing with its life, but it needed to get its shit together ricky-tick-quick and it so did not. Maybe my weekend was too good.


Remember how I saw Marian on Friday and Saturday?


YES! Marian, Yay!
(And also, Batmobile!)

But you know what else? At the con, I got a new soap lady! Mmhm. I don’t know if y’all remember the tale of the Soap Cunt, cause that was 37 months ago, but I shan’t forget it. Alas, I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of the most serious, erudite, apothecary kinda soap goddess at the con and she shall make me soap henceforth. Soap is a big deal at our house. We are soap connoisseurs, okay, okay, soap snobs. Yes, all of us. I could write a series on soap, but I won’t, you’re welcome.


Monday began with technical difficulties, because who wouldn’t want that as a start to her week?
Tuesday night I went to bed hot and slept hot. I was all kicky restless and it took forever to fall asleep because I was so frickin hot. Not once, Not Once, did I ask myself if I’d turned the thermostat down to arctic sleep temps. Nope.


At work, I am in the midst of a project. Mentor gave me the project like, “Start this for me, it’ll lighten my load” — Oh, yeah, I work with Mentor again! I still need to tell you about that. One day. Gosh, I have so much to tell you, I’m way behind.

Anyway, I don’t know if Mentor gave me the project with forthright intent, like, “Oh I mustn’t tell Joey this is all hers, lest she have a total meltdown at the sheer overwhelm of it,” (my words, of course) or if she really intended for me simply to start it and now it’s become mine. I dunno. Her intent doesn’t matter, either way she’s a good mentor and it’s for my own good. I am doing the thing. I had previously only done sections of the things and doing sections of the things is pretty simple if you’re writery. I figured if I could do sections of the things in an afternoon, I could do a whole thing in a day, and then because practice, I could do the other seven in even less time.


Caffeine and I continue our love-hate relationship.
And now, a story:
I saw my K cups at work were growing fewer, and I sought to condense them into one box, because I have OCD and I like my shit tidy, okay? And when I went to combine them, I realized they were all decaf. Surely this could not be right! I went to the office manager.
Me: I need to know if I’m crazy.
Me: When you ordered the previous McK cups, did you order half regular?
OM: I don’t think so. I think they were all decaf.
Me: Have you noticed how much coffee I’ve been drinkin lately?
OM: Yeah, a little bit.
Me: That’s because it’s not ON. There’s plenty of regular in there, but I had it in my head that the top box was regular, and it. is. not.


Reminds me of the time I thought the tequila wasn’t workin. Achem.

IMG_6073Travel cup lies.

One day, I accidentally took Sassy’s crunchy granola bar instead of my chewy granola bar and lemme tell ya, that thing was CRUNCHEH!


And messy, Omalord. Crumbs everywhere. These are outdoor nola bars, okay?

Speaking of outdoors, look my ferns, tho:


They’re all huge and ferny. Prolly a dinosaur in there.

Moo went out to the movies with her friends this week, and she was not a victim of tuck and run. Any of y’all have a tuck and run concern? Moo is itty bitty and one of her friends is eensy-weensy and I would not let Moo go unless their tall friend went, too, because I am sizeist and ageist AND A GOOD MOM. Unfortunately, one of the girls lost her phone there and I had to take my yoga pants and freshly-washed hair into the theatre to be the responsible grown-up and all I really wanted in the whole wide world was to be on my sofa with a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, but no, I AM A GOOD MOM.

Any time I think about how I hate to be the mom who does the driving, I hate it more when I depend on other people to supervise my kids.

Me when my kids are home doing chores and chatting online:


Me when my kids want to have fun instead:


Today, cliff diving. Tell me it’s okay to worry, right? Ya let em go, and ya worry. Even The Mister worries. I don’t care how old or big they are, worry is forever.
Fortunately, Thursday came, with its doors and kittens and y’all, I went home and made spaghetti and meatballs and I sat on my sofa and it was the best.


Friday went fast all day, but I sure hope it goes slow all night!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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#ThursdayDoors — Middle of the Rainbow


I love them all, although I’m partial to the yellow, of course.

#ThursdayDoors is part of an inspired post series run by Norm Frampton. To see other doors of interest, or to share your own, click the link and find the frog.

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SoCS – Sup?

I’ll tell you Sup. My happiness!

Wait, lemme eat this cake.


Okay. Can’t. Eat. Icing. Phew!

You see, after the weird post-holiday Thurmonday, I got moody — moodier. It rained all day on that Thurmonday and while I love rain, it thundered in my hands and arms and I didn’t love that. Barometric pressure done fell out, I reckon.

Friday I woke up to a bright blue sky and no more thunderbones, so initially I was happy. I don’t know where my happy went, back to Taken For Granted Land, I guess, because it slowly faded without any knowable reason. I had this sorta dread feeling from nowhere. Maybe too much coffee? The only thing I could think of was that I had things to do after work and I don’t usually do that on Friday, but y’all, the things were happy things! Pick up dry cleaning, pick up pizza, go see Marian — Why on earth would any of that bring me down? Silly. No reason for mood. Bleh.

I left work, I picked up the stuff, went home, ate a slice of pizza, put on my BatCat tee and some sneakers, and went off to see Marian. Oh, right, I stopped for a double-double. Oh woe is me.

I walked into the con, and there was Marian, and Amazing, her daughter is Amazing, and I was happy and glad I was finally there, and I thought, well this is grand, maybe my mood was impatience?

Then Marian said I had to see a fing, so she led me and led me and



Yes, I like Batman. I love Batman. Given my propensity to grab the ass of the life-size Batman figure at Think Geek, I may have feelings for Batman. Maybe that’s more about Christian Bale.
Anyway, I don’t like talking about my love for Batman, because I don’t love all the comic things and I don’t wish to engage in conversations in which I compare and contrast Batman with other superdudes, but c’mon, there’s no one like Batman!


He doesn’t even have superpowers! He’s just awesome!

And Lego Batman? Oh Em Gee Heart Heart Heart!


Like I said, I was wearin my BatCat tee-shirt and everything! And there was the Batmobile!

So I sat in the batmobile, giddy as all get out, and I used the batphone and the man who built the batmobile took my picture and YAY ME!





I also met a man who looks just like George Lucas, but he said he wasn’t George Lucas, which is probably exactly what George Lucas would say if he was at a lil con in Indy.

Then, after that, I went home and made a grocery list and I went to the goddamned grocery store where I RAN INTO ONE OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE! We had a nice long chat right there in the aisle.

Well, I tell you Sup; You never know what kinda wonders could be comin after a Bleh day!


Saturday Stream of Consciousness — SoCS ‘sup’ is brought to you by LindaGHill


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Food Q&A

Barb shared a Food Q&A and I’m playin along. I like this sorta thing.



Do you enjoy food from countries that are not your own?
Yes, I am American. If it’s not beans, corn, or squash, it probably didn’t originate here.


2. When you prepare salad for yourself, do you rip your greens (lettuce, spinach, &c…), or do you cut them?
I rip em.


3. There’s a saying that goes: “Life is short, eat dessert first.”  What do you think of that advice?
That’s solid advice. Especially when dinner’s an hour from done.


4. Have you ever thrown spaghetti against the wall to test for doneness? — If it sticks, it’s done (so they say) — What other such kitchen habits might you have?
Yes, that is the way. When it’s really busy around here, sometimes the spaghetti hangs on, like that one dead spider in the bathroom corner.


5. How often do you eat fish?
As much as possible.


6. When purchasing food for yourself, do you check the nutritional label? If so, what are you checking for?
No, I don’t much look at the nutrition label, but I look at ingredients. I have to check everything for red dyes. It’s not as simple as you think: red dye hides in shit like green spinach wraps. No lie.


7. How often do you eat salad as a meal?
Usually once a week, usually Monday.


8. Do you have any food quirks? For example: do you arrange a particular food in a certain way before eating? Or eat certain foods in a particular way every time? (i.e.: bite the heads off of gummy bears)
Yes, of course. I am persnickety. Yes. It’s important that the cheese does not touch the mayo. The preserves do not get spread atop the peanut butter. The sugar goes on after the milk. The cream goes in before the coffee. We don’t have time for the entire list.


9. When boiling water for pasta or whatnot, what are your “tricks” for keeping the water from boiling over?
Sometimes a wooden spoon will do the trick. Usually a bigger pot is a better idea.


10. Are there any recipes that have been passed down through the generations in your family? Have you passed them to anyone outside of your family? or are they a closely guarded secret?
I share a lot of recipes (Not Here) but a few are sacred, because people fuck shit up and then they carry their bowl of fucked up shit out into a crowd and say, “I made Joey’s —-” and I cannot even with that. Don’t disgrace my grandmother like that. A pox on your goat.


11. In general, how do you feel about “diet” foods? Meaning: foods with artificial sweeteners or alternative fats in them. For example: Diet soda or low fat muffins.
Diet soda is surely my friend, but a friend I can only visit with once a day, for she will give me migraines. Otherwise, I avoid the fake stuff. Do you know what they take out with the bad stuff? Do you know what bad stuff they add to the good stuff? Why the hell would I want a low fat muffin?!?


12. Have you purchased food online? What do you think about that idea?
I have. I order quite a bit online. Sometimes when we’re ultra lazy on a Sunday, we’ll even order perishables and have them delivered so we can cook what we like. It’s wonderful.


13. When cooking for you and yours, what kinds of experiments have you tried?
I don’t think of cooking as an experiment. Moo made slime in the kitchen, does that count? Oh, I once boiled red cabbage!


14. Do you now, or have you ever, grown or raised any of the food you eat?
Yes. It is good. Do that. Garden tomatoes and fresh herbs, mmm!


15. Are you a vegetarian? If not, has the idea of becoming one ever crossed your mind?
I was a vegetarian from like 1995 to 2002. I ate no land animals and I still don’t eat much in that category. My body likes fish and eggs and dairy, but it doesn’t like meat so much. When I do eat meat, I generally eat toddler size portions. My dog loves me.


16. When arranging the food on your plate, does everything have to be separated, or is it okay for your food to touch?
It doesn’t matter. It can touch. Some of it should touch.


17. When eating out, what foods on the menu might push you out of your comfort zone? (for example: pineapple on pizza makes some people twitch)

I do not have this, although corn in a cup did incite my rage. I don’t want pineapple on my pizza, but I’ve had it and it’s not awful. You know those lists about picky eaters? I eat all the things. The thing on the list I like the least? Nutella. Still, I’ll eat it.
Lettuse, y’all.


18. Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, what kinds of foods generally satisfy the craving?
Ice cream is my thing. Gummi Bears. Orange slices. Tootsie Rolls. I prefer to drink my sweets. I have a soda addiction. It has been 2 days since my last drink.


19. What foods (if any) do you like to mix that other people might find strange?
Like I care. I like a plate of foods, like cheese and olives with a cuppa coffee. Or a plate with boiled eggs, figs, and walnuts. Some people think it’s odd. I just like to eat what I like.


20. When eating out, at what kind of restaurant do you prefer to dine?
Seafood. But let’s be honest, if I’m not planning the menu, shopping for it, cooking it, or cleaning up after it, I’m pleased. Unless I cook it better. I hate that.


21. In general, how do you feel about organic food?
I feel good about it, but not all organic is equal and not all organic is worth the price. Pick your battles. Grow what you can.


22. What foods (if any) do you eat when you are happy or unhappy?
Ice cream is the answer. Ice cream is magical food, delicious in both joy and sorrow.


Play along if you like, but have a Happy Friday, Everyone!

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#ThursdayDoors — Fortville Grain Co.

Cept, I don’t think it’s grain anymore. I didn’t trespass, so I wouldn’t know, but I saw no sign of grain other than the sign about grain.


Fortville is a small town, largely rural, northeast of Indianapolis. There are not a lot of towns like Fortville anymore. As we walked down the streets, I was reminded of the small town life I knew for several years in my childhood. If you didn’t get to spend part of your childhood in a small town, I’m sorry, but yeah, you missed out.


Didja walk railroad tracks as a kid?
I sure did.



Anyone else think what was the Fortville Grain Co. is now a stone company? Cause I do.

#ThursdayDoors is part of an inspired post series run by Norm Frampton. To see other doors of interest, or to share your own, click the link and find the frog.

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Yes, I Do Believe It’s Friday Again!

I came home from work all, Phew! Whatta week!


I got a lot accomplished at work this week. I love that feeling of satisfaction. You know the one: When you get your irons outta the fire and you’re like, “Look at all my hot ass irons, y’all!”

At home, I went to bed early a lot, cause it’s been a woozy week. That germ got me good. I’m feelin great now, and weekends are much, much better when you’re feelin great.

People here are talkin about greasy diner food like Johnny Rockets and Steak n’ Shake, so I reckon that’s happenin.

I am super excited about waking up without an alarm tomorrow morning. Oh how I’m gonna snuggle all the people and the pets and ooh, that’s gonna be so nice for me. Mayhaps for them, too, but definitely for me!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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#ThursdayDoors — I’ll Get It Myself

We were leaving downtown, heading home, and The Mister was driving. The Mister hates driving downtown, and he does not share my enthusiasm for door collection. I said, “Ooh, doors!” how I do.


The Mister, he looked, he nodded, and then he proceeded. I asked if he would turn around and lemme out to get the doors, but he just looked at me as if I were a madwoman.

EITHER I SHOULD DRIVE DOWNTOWN OR HE SHOULD LEMME OUT FOR DOORS. I don’t mean to involve you in my intense marital problems, but Oh Em Gee.

I went back and got them myself. For the love of doors!


I dunno what this building used to be, but lemme tell ya, they mean business about trespassing. Must be a NO TRESPASSING sign every four feet. Those doors are BIG, and y’all know I wanted to trespass for scale.

While I was out, I got you this other thing, too.


It’s one of them there fancy bicentennial bison. This is definitely a city bison.

Annnd, Sassy and I finished the door puzzle last night!


My fave is a very Manja looking door. Or at least the kind she would know I’d fave.

#ThursdayDoors is part of an inspired post series run by Norm Frampton. To see other doors of interest, or to share your own, click the link and find the frog.

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25 June

I had half a good weekend, cause the other half was germ residual.

Spent Friday wishing I could read all day, but it made my head spin. Mostly, I listenslept through Howard’s End several times. Friday night perked me up a bit, and by that, I mean, I mostly lay on my sofa instead of my bed. Woot. I ain’t mad.
However, we went to see Deadpool 2 on Saturday afternoon, and I loooooove Deadpool. He never disappoints me. I hadn’t seen a movie in the cinema since 2015, and before that, I couldn’t tell you when, and this time when I went, we had the reclining seats with the lil school desks and all the new-fangled space ever, and I told my family I will see more movies if we go there, because golly gee, that was niiice! Recline? At movie? Yes, please.


Unfortunately, I had to go through an air-lock to the damn parking garage and that set off my vertigo, which along with general ick, threw me off and on the rest of the day. Ick-ick.

I was awfully happy to get home and back into bed, but YAY DEADPOOL!

Sunday, I woke up just before nine and feelin fine.

Started some pasta e fagioli, or as Moo requested it, “Beans with the things and the circle pasta.”
Since it was only 80 (This ‘summer’ has been so hot, I now have to say things like “It was only 80.” *grumble grumble*) I took Moo and her friend on a brief doorscursion and brought home half a Shapiro’s strawberry cheesecake, MMMHM.


Went home, worked a puzzle with the boy one. Lookit! Haha! Doors!

Finally watched the last episode of Sense8 — make ya wait ten years while the hot German guy lies there in peril — Sheesh! Okay, it was totally worth the wait. It’s the only time I’ve ever cried through a sex scene, bawled my eyes out, lump in my throat and everything.

Anyway, I’m thinkin today will be better than most Mondays. After all, it’s not even gonna hit 90 today and I’ll be comin home to share that last piece of cheesecake with my love.

Off I go — Have a great day!

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Week’s End, A Recall

This week had everything.


Mostly it had rain.

Sunday had me lounged with curry and the final episode of The Americans.



Monday brought me a huge file and a great deal of typing. I drank vats of coffee and ate tons of cherries. Also, there were Tootsie Rolls in the conference room.


I found out the dry cleaner close to work offers pick-up and delivery service.

Tuesday, Oh Tuesday. I woke up with a weather headache and my shoulder was tryina kill me.
Mid-day, the office manager distributed smoothie pops and I got toasted coconut. Yum! When people text how your day is going, always send them a demonstrative selfie.


I worked late but it was worth it, cause my boss finally signed the thing.
My mother spilled some delicious gossip. I still smile when I think about it.
The Mister said we should meet for coffee on the way home, so we did.

The boy one came to town, but he wasn’t well enough to join me for kiwi margaritas dinner that night.
The Mister and I made out in his new car.
We’d all been rockin out to AC/DC in the driveway…

I turned to The Mister and asked, “Why are there kids in this car?”
“We can make them go away,” he said.
And we did. They’re fast, our kids.

Then we played MarioKart.
I was pleased Tuesday tried to make good.


Wednesday, I caught one of my hydrangeas blooming.


Y’all, I haven’t gardened the way I usually do. It got too hot way too fast. From snow to sweltering. Course, here we are, the first week of summer, and the temps have dropped to be more what they shoulda been to begin with.
I worked late again and then made black n’ blue salads. Papaw came to visit.

Then sickness came to call. You ever notice how sometimes your head isn’t sick, but your body is, so you be like “Mind over matter. I can get stuff done,” but then when you don’t give your body the rest it’s asking for, your head gets sick, too, takin your eyes and your comprehension and then it’s all like “WE’RE DONE. LIE THE FUCK DOWN.”?
I have noticed.

Thursday betrayed me. I had to leave work early. I probably should not have gone in.

Last night, I’m happy to report all five of us, plus three cats and the dog, had some nice on-the-bed quality time. Animal Vines promote family unity and heart happiness.

My big plans HAD involved leaving work early today to take the kids on an outing, but instead, I’ve had an exciting day of rest and hydration. Le foof.

Nevertheless, It IS Friday.
Happy Friday Everyone!

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