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Fortunate Weakling is Fortunate

So Friday night, I began coughing.  I took all my allergy meds and reasoned that perhaps they’re worse right now and I need to move to daily treatment. I didn’t sleep well. I coughed a lot and spent from about … Continue reading

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A Tiny Tale of Tuesday

The Mister is cooking dinner, which gives me time to blog without ‘missing’ anything. Well, he’s frying bacon and his eggs, cause that is so time-consuming, while cooking scrambled eggs and toast takes all of five whoppin minutes. I don’t … Continue reading

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SoCS — Fall From the Sky

Lately, what falls from the sky is rain. Rain, rain, rain. I love rain. It’s the best. Except when there’s too much of it as there has been in previous years and thusly I do concern myself that this May … Continue reading

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SoCS – Exposed

It’s been eight-and-a-half years since I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. In all the time I’ve been aware of having anxiety disorder, I have been a careful student of its manifestations. What I know is that when I tell myself … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — Good Intentions

If I only had a door… Okay, I have a lot of doors. I may even have hordes of doors, as I have been hoarding them, because If I only had the time… Well I just don’t. I mean, we … Continue reading

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Until the Time of Drill

I kinda wanna nap. I figured I might blog since The Mister is watching Aquaman, which, as far as I can tell, has a run time of eight hours and endless minutes. The war will never end. And while unending … Continue reading

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It Is Good

I picked my first tulip yesterday. And then I photographed it. And I posted it for the prompt of the day was pink. And it was GOOD.   I know, right? Even I put my link on the stem. So … Continue reading

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SoCS — Lip Tulip

This is the time of year when I pull into my driveway all smiley because the tulips are coming up. Although, the other day, I pulled in and my daughter’s boyfriend was parked in the drive which distracted me from … Continue reading

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Yeah, I Lift, Bro. I Lift People Up.

I live with people who lift. They say things like… I don’t fuckin know what they say. Some of them don’t parle croissant or habla taco, and I don’t speak lift. “Say things about weightlifting.” “Like what?” “Say the words … Continue reading

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I Could Never Be a Breck Girl

Oh that was such a Tuesday. Good mercy. This weather though! Windows open at night, warm sun on my face in the day! Ooher! Slept like a baby last night, 8 solid hours. Woke up tired. How tired? I drank … Continue reading

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