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The Craptastic Week that Was

That title is inspired by John Holton. I had a crap week. My family and my colleagues had a crap week, too. I haven’t had time to talk to other people to find out if their weeks were crap, because … Continue reading

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Halloween or Hallosnow?

I’m a cold weather person. I’m compact, fleshy, red-faced, HEARTY as you would expect a Midwestern Mutt to be. Were I a bird, I’d be a fat feathered black-capped chickadee smiling into my suet. I delight at the end of … Continue reading

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In the Eleventh Hour of the Tenth Month

I had THE BEST weekend. I love this time of year. I know it’s such a basic bitch thing to say, but fall is the very best, and when I was homesick, missing fall almost killed me. I wish this … Continue reading

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Hope for Tuesday?

WordPress email be like, “Don’t just look at your stats” or whatever, but also, “Check out your competitors.” My what now? Competitors? Who the fuck is competing with this blog? What would that entail? She’s more neurotic? She finished her … Continue reading

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It Was the Easiest Thing to Do

“And we never failed to fail, it was the easiest thing to do.” I heard this song in a show last weekend and since then, I’ve been playing it and humming it and singing it all the damn time, which … Continue reading

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Busy Countin Blessings

I’m not sayin I’ve been busy, I’m just sayin — Last night I had a dream that my dog was bleedin to death and there was nothin I could do. I was helpless. Only a matter of time. Her death … Continue reading

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Lunch on the Rocks

You know how people say, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead?” Yeah, I’ll retire when I’m dead. And then, after I’ve been given the answers to all my questions and have been shown where the ice cream parlor is, I’m sure … Continue reading

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SoCS – Foiled

More than a moon ago, Sassy treated me to a pedicure. She was feeling generous and doting to Mimom, so we got ‘gels’ on our toes. My goodness, they were so shiny. I marveled at them a month later, so … Continue reading

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My Utter Dismay

I’ve been working at my job now for … near seventeen months. My job is splendid. The people I work with are wonderful and the people I work for are good, honest, and best of all, interesting — dare I … Continue reading

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Bounce Back

The boy one moved out and into his apartment, with lower rent than he was told, with a fireplace that wasn’t in the unit he toured, and with two outdoor chairs left by the last tenants. Quite nice. As for … Continue reading

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