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SoCS — Grill

Down the way, there was a barbecue joint. It was terrible how we had to smell barbecue all day and all night for years. Just terrible. Seven in the mornin, droolin for pulled pork, Lawd. If I wanna eat a … Continue reading

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Text From Joey

I’m typing this on my phone. Can you imagine my horror? I know some of you do this all the time and you are not me. I hate the phone keyboard. I have tiny hands and itty bitty fingers and … Continue reading

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Feet Up Sundays

I am not as anxious as I was. Work means I have less time for anxiety. In quiet moments, I suspect being home enhanced my anxiety. My anxiety lessened at part-time job and I have even less at full-time job. … Continue reading

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It’s Friday, and Somehow, Mid-May

I’m down to 59 posts left to read. Course, you’ll all write more while I’m at work… It’s all good. I’ve got a moon pie for breakfast. A moon pie and half-caff — the breakfast of people who talk a … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — Door Dregs

I am writing this while I’m 84 blog posts behind in my reading. The life. It goes on. And on and on, and oh my goodness am I glad it’s Door and Kitten Day! I love Thursday! Writing this while … Continue reading

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Our New Neighbor

Like many people, we don’t know all our neighbors’ names. We know some. Tony moved in when Don and Deb moved out. I know Justin, cause he has a dog, and although I always wave to his dad and have … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — Yellow Gold

Truth: I never knew there was a golden hour before Norm Frampton wrote about it. I should clarify — I didn’t know ‘golden hour’ was a phrase, because what with having eyes and all, I had occasionally noticed that certain … Continue reading

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SoCS — A Love Letter

I’m writing a letter to you today, somethin about gratitude and happiness, like: Dear Readers, Dear Lurking Strangers, Quiet Acquaintances, Visitors, BUT NOT YOU, SPAM PEOPLE! Thank you for coming here, for bearing witness to my neuroses, encouraging my rants, … Continue reading

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Wet & Wasted

So I had this job interview a while back. Let’s call the company Colossal. I put on my stupid suit. All suits are stupid. I am not a suit person. Do I look good in a suit? Fuck yeah. Right … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — Red Again

Red doors are among my faves, because I always notice them. In some cases, though, it’s not the door, it’s door-adjacent red.     #ThursdayDoors is part of an inspired post series run by Norm Frampton. To see other doors … Continue reading

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