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Like, Alawt

I always joke that my driver’s license makes me look like one of the peoples from Wall-e. You remember the chair-bound peoples? Yeah, in my license photo, my face is round and huge and peachy and my hair is straight. … Continue reading

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In My Element

It’s Friday and it was supposed to snow. It didn’t snow. It did get below freezing. It’s not only sweater weather now, it’s maybe-wear-a-coat weather, too. I likey. Don’t hate me. I was born this way. People always be like, … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — Union50

So last Friday, which was a very, very good day for me, The Mister had a bad thing at work and I … He made reservations and I got even happier and then after we drove the children to all … Continue reading

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Ring Ding Dong, Ringa Ding Ding Ding Dong

Thank God it’s Friday. This week played a joke on me. Tuesday and Thursday conspired against me by switchin their modus operandi and Friday got it right. Happy Friday Everyone! Get on down.

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#ThursdayDoors — A Trio

A trio of white doors. Okay, is more like five doors, two not-anymore-doors, three handles, and sixty-six windows — anyone wanna count the bricks? #ThursdayDoors is part of an inspired post series run by Norm Frampton. To see other doors … Continue reading

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The trees are finally at their peak and it’s going to be 67 degrees and instead of going to tromp about in leafeses, I am going to work. Y’all, I love my job, is great job, but it is not … Continue reading

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Mary shared her One-Liner Wednesday featuring a Mittens meme, and it cracked me up. I’m so glad my cats don’t text me. If they did: Cletus would send videos all day, “Look at me! Are you watching? Mama, Mommy, Mooohhm! … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors — Bark Park

The doors are clearly marked, but the dogs really don’t care. I took these near a year ago. I had things to say about this, and today is the day. First of all, dogs don’t care about size. If you … Continue reading

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Full Moon Today

Yesterday, I was rudely awakened before the sun. My husband’s giant feet in his giant shoes clomp-clomp-clomping around the bedroom. Then a light. “What are you doooooing?” (I’m whiny in the morning, I bet you didn’t guess.) I don’t know … Continue reading

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SOCS – Text For Pick Up

Can I tell you how nice it is to be alone in the house? All week, my family said stuff about doing things today and while I heard them, I didn’t actually actively listen apart from the sections which involved … Continue reading

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