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#ThursdayDoors — Old Times Two

Relying on my door savings account today. My nephew went to SomePlaces, Europe sometime last spring and took this picture. I got it from him in June and am just now sharing it, so it’s old times two. I dunno … Continue reading

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Do Not Adjust Your Speed

I work again now. That’s why I’m so sporadic here. Or everywhere, whatever. I’m not gonna blog about my job, but I’ll tell you it’s the same job I had before, not that that’s helpful, since I never wrote about … Continue reading

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The Least Sensible Thing You’ll Read Today

***Apart from the news, anyway.   I can’t finish a blog post to save my life. I wish y’all could peruse my beginnings and be like, “I’ll have that one, please.” One day I’ll finish them, I really will. Today … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — Chad at Gregory’s

You know how sometimes you’re exhausted of Macy’s on a December Saturday, and you’re on your way to pick up pho and taro bubble tea because for some reason your husband wanted Vietnamese cuisine midday? No? You know how sometimes … Continue reading

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Sometimes at night, I’ll hear the girls in another room, chattering. If I pass by, I might hear them dispensing advice or sayin something sweet. These are private moments. It’s the kind of thing that makes parents smile and think … Continue reading

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What Do These Buttons Do?

Done with my human hamster walk on the treadmill, I went around the corner and saw Sassy on another treadmill, earbuds in, so I mimed weight-lifting at her. When I was done with that, I went back and asked, “You … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — Liminality

Some time ago, writer and blogger Luanne introduced me to the idea of liminality, particularly liminal spaces. This captured my attention because as an introvert and a Highly Sensitive Person I feel liminal spaces are important. I like the quiet … Continue reading

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Eight Days Later

Well wasn’t that a lovely break? Didj’all miss my rants, my insights, or just my nonsense? Know what? Doesn’t matter. We both know I don’t pretend to care here on my Not A Nice Lady Blog. I took eight days … Continue reading

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SoCS — Psst!

Psst! This is just between us, between us blogging buddies, not for you to go blabbing to the whole world, okay? I’m getting older every single day. It’s true. Sorry not sorry, but so are you.  Soon, I will be … Continue reading

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It all started after I took the girls to school and went home to make myself some breakfast. I was cooking when I realized it was a good time to kill them all. There are some who would suggest I’ve … Continue reading

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