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One-Liner Wednesday — Maybe, but Gravy, Baby!

“I think I’ll stay home tomorrow, bake chicken pot pies. You can take my car if you want.” “I take it your car needs gas.” One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you by LindaGHill  

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SoCS — Guess What?

Chicken butt. Chicken butt not featured: Turkey sold separately. I made my annual trip to the Indiana State Fair and somehow neglected to get any chicken butt shots. Oh well, whaddya gonna do? Guess what? Ever since SOME EARLY BIRD … Continue reading

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Text With The Fam During Study Hall

  Sassers: When you listen to Carmen and you’re like, “Jeez I don’t know if I can do thiiiiis!” Joey: Psh! You ALWAYS say that and you ALWAYS learn the fings. Sassers: I knooow, but like, it’s one of the … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday — Abrupt Levity

The Mister and I were snuggled up sweetly, contemplating the horrors of Joel and Julia’s divorceĀ¹ when I said, “I can’t imagine being divorced. I can imagine you dead, cause I’ve done that so many timesĀ², and — ” His … Continue reading

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Harrowing Narrowing Peril

A while back we went to the second of three reunions my husband’s family holds each year. Before we left, The Mister talked to me about directions and I was all, “Mmmhm, okay,” because I don’t know the ways. I … Continue reading

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Write Right Now

I’ve probably written ten blogs in the last two weeks, just I didn’t post them. I probably will. When I’m emotionally vulnerable, I like to write, then process, then edit accordingly, then post. Otherwise, I’m a pantser, I just sit … Continue reading

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Months ago the pause n’ pour feature on our coffee maker stopped working. I find this extremely annoying and oh, so messy! I’m up, I want coffee immediately. During the school year, we can just set the timer, but I … Continue reading

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Not the Show

“Is there anything on at the movies?” *Moo Googles* “Cars 3.” “Really! Are people still doin that?” “Legend of the whatever.” “Legend of the whatever?” *everyone laughs* “King Arthur, Legend of the Sword.” “The sword? They don’t even know its … Continue reading

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I Am Not a Weeble

Kinda wanted a cocktail with my linner. “Maybe I should wait til I get some food in there,” I said. The Mister encouraged me to cocktail, as he often does, cause who doesn’t prefer a more relaxed Joey? He likes … Continue reading

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Fourth of July is My FAVORITE

I love Fourth of July. Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I love how there’s no obligation, no shopping, and no religion. Nobody argues about Independence Day, all just unite in being American. Often while decked-out in cheesy red, … Continue reading

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