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SoCS — Eggs are Only the Beginning

The first thing I think of? Granny eggs. Granny eggs are what my family calls over easy eggs. I don’t know when this started, but it was before I became a Mottern. I assume a child, perhaps my husband or … Continue reading

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It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and my birthday yesterday. I sure enjoyed it. I’m going to ramble a bit, a lil nonsense never hurt anyone, right? So, first of all, my in-laws went to Granny’s and we … Continue reading

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Q is for Quilts

I love quilts. I love strip quilts and wedding band quilts and yo-yo quilts and art quilts and crazy quilts and I have never met a quilt I didn’t like, although I tend to prefer whites and I tend to prefer … Continue reading

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The Cure

This morning, I was reading about a fellow blogger suffering from the flu. Seems a shot of tequila settled her stomach almost instantly. Mmm, tequila! I don’t need a stomach ache to enjoy tequila! Long ago, as an adolescent, I … Continue reading

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