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I is for Ignominious

Do you recall when or where you heard or read ignominious for the first time? I do. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter taught me the word ignominious. Sure, it’s scattered here and there in literature, but I’ve never actually heard anyone … Continue reading

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Docent She Know?

I volunteered to chaperon Moo’s field trip to the Indianapolis Museum of Art today. As I’ve written before, Moo is frequently an errant child, so I do try to accompany her on excursions where other adults might not expect to … Continue reading

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Because I’m the Teacher

My husband went back to school this week. There is a vast chasm between knowledge and teaching. I am a natural teacher. On top of that, I am a trained teacher. Helping with homework is my gig. I am the … Continue reading

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I Can Be One of the Faces in The Yellow Wallpaper

I talked to my HME today.  It was a brief chat, as she was only ten minutes from work.  She told me she lives in her car, when in fact she lives in a lovely ranch home, but I got … Continue reading

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