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Our Sweet Sixteen Anniversary

As some of you know, Friday was our anniversary, and we spent the weekend CHILDLESSLY celebrating. Our very sexy anniversary weekend began when The Mister paid two tattooed, sinuous, half-naked men to … mow our lawn. I keep tellin ya, this … Continue reading

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Traditions — The Lighting of the Circle

One of the things I love about Indianapolis is our Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument, which is located in the center of the city, inside a roundabout.  On the Friday after Thanksgiving, they “light” the tree, which is composed of stringed … Continue reading

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I’m Not 29 Forever

I’m 40 today. Forty.Years.Old. I’m vintage, heh. This is what 40 looks like. Me, today. That’s 40 without surgical or chemical intervention. No anti-aging products, none of whatever they tell you will make you look twenty, none of that. I’m … Continue reading

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Omagosh! Is that a Purple Paisley Shirt?

One of the great things about being back in the city? Great Big Goodwill Stores! Like most people, I started shopping at Goodwill long before Macklemore told us it was fucking awesome.                 … Continue reading

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Warning: This Blog Contains Caffeine

Just after a thorough cleaning, MIL’s coffee pot began leaking water as it brewed.  I joked with her and said, “Maybe it was only the corrosion holding it together.” You know how neat freaks are about water, as I said here.  Me? … Continue reading

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Romance Is What You Make It

I wanted to write yesterday, but our internet went down in the afternoon.  Ironically, it went out as I was explaining to my father that virtually everything is online now.  I tried to explain that I love my internet like … Continue reading

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