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The Craptastic Week that Was

That title is inspired by John Holton. I had a crap week. My family and my colleagues had a crap week, too. I haven’t had time to talk to other people to find out if their weeks were crap, because … Continue reading

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SoCS — Yard

  A-Z through April — Y I was so glad Linda didn’t choose yurt or yeti for the prompt, but I find ‘yard’ is bittersweet. I HAD planned to work in my yard this weekend. Specifically, to clear out my … Continue reading

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Change is Hard

Surely by now you’ve encountered a cashier who can’t make change? You know how it goes. Your bill is $17.55 and you hand over a twenty and a nickel and the cashier tries to give you back the nickel. You say you’d rather have two … Continue reading

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Christmas Postathon – Day 1

For some of this month, I’m going to participate in Nancy’s Christmas Postathon. I think it will be fun. I can tell already that I’m going to enjoy reading her stories. Maybe some of my readers will enjoy reading mine, … Continue reading

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“Joey, why did they put the baby Jesus on the cross?”

In case you thought I’d ever run out of stories about how religious education is a tough grasp for children, I won’t. As I’ve said before, I took care of my nephew Simon when he was a smaller person. As … Continue reading

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As for Me and My House, We Will Serve Ourselves

I am well-read on assorted spiritual opinions and sacred texts, the consumption of which I believe to be as crucial as partaking in a wide variety of foods, or listening to a broad catalog of music, or any number of things … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Family Reunion

              The Mister’s clan has three family reunions a year.  Since we were in Georgia for seven years, we weren’t obligated to attend the last twenty-one reunions, about which we felt, generally fiiine. Because … Continue reading

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United Holiness Camp

Growing up with Drew and her very religious family, we spent a considerable amount of time in churchy settings. None of the churchy settings were quite so memorable as the United Holiness Camp in Milan, Indiana. Milan, Indiana is so small, … Continue reading

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Peddle Your Fear & Guilt Elsewhere

We went to church yesterday. We didn’t go to Sunday School. We just went to the morning service. Of course, the service entailed the story of Christ’s resurrection, replete with a slide show, music, and a sermon wherein we were … Continue reading

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26 Random Things About Me

1.  My birthday is November 26. 2. I believe in numerology and despite my fear of and ineptitude with math, I believe numbers are codes for everything.  For instance, name-wise, my entire family consists of only 5’s, 6’s, 7’s and 8’s. … Continue reading

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