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You Might Like Marketing

WordPress lists blogs you might like based on posts and bloggers you’ve liked previously. Twitter suggests people you should follow based on who you already follow. Netflix suggests movies based on what you’ve liked, which is great, unless your kids … Continue reading

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Know Your Audience

I’ve got a small suggestion. It’s one I practice myself. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. I had a neighbor who was a sincere bigot. Since she complained to me about how the African-American culture “had done took over Febberary.” and how “them … Continue reading

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I Never Know What’s Goin On

Sure sign that you’re of a certain age?  When you’re watching the Academy Awards and you have no idea who the host is.  For awhile, I thought it was Peter Brady with an amazing amount of cosmetic surgery. Fortunately, social … Continue reading

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The Irony of the Sad Giraffe

I have anxiety disorder. According to my therapist, it was an inevitable diagnosis, as I unknowingly spent my entire life as the poster child for it. I have a big imagination; I think too much, I worry too much, blah, blah, blah.  … Continue reading

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