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Clean Your Room

After reading Erika’s post over at Dorky Mom Doodles, I almost commented in 700 words, but then I realized, I could reply in my very own blog and hold all my readers hostage instead. Four kids. Three of my kids … Continue reading

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Food & Flora for Friday

I’m sitting here shoving blueberries into my face, because I’ve waited too long to eat. I got obsessed with the idea of pho today.   I kept thinkin the boy one would get here and he would totally wanna go … Continue reading

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SoCS — Object Lessons

Linda’s prompt was to use the title of the book we’re currently reading to inspire our post. I was glad she didn’t ask for a review or anything, cause I’m only on the fourth chapter. This prompt gave me deja … Continue reading

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Happy Friday Everyone?

I did not have a good day. I had NOT a good time in traffic, NOT a good time at work, NOT a good time in the stirrups. This day got my blood pressure up to 130/80 and gave me … Continue reading

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You Waited: Weird Week’s Longest Post

My apologies, but this week’s funnies are completely ineligible for blogland. More than half of them were just plain mean. Oh, the gossip stories I could tell you over mojitos on the porch, but not here. *shakes head subtly* The … Continue reading

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Sunday Evening News

Where to begin… At the beginning? Who can determine a beginning? Everything always leads back to something else. Sassy’s four friends were here for what must have been weeks, but it probably only seems that way because the sun’s up … Continue reading

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SoCS — Sign(s)

I got the song stuck in my head, ya know, “Long-haired freaky people need not apply…” I am a long-haired freaky person and I already have a job, so that’s cool, whatever, but you shouldn’t be like that, man. I … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — The Capitol Building

Truth: we don’t call it the capitol. We call it the statehouse. Do y’all do that in other places? As you may remember from grade school, Indianapolis is the capitol of Indiana. Unless you were raised here, it’s unlikely you … Continue reading

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Tis The Day to Be Merry

Tra-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la! No funny here today. Only smiles. Today is all about the happy! Bubba comes to visit today! I’m workin early, gonna get out with the fam and Master Boombastic. I’ll be takin in the sunshine. I’ll be groovin to tunes, … Continue reading

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But… Butter…

When my friend Tori moved to Indianapolis, she came from San Francisco. I know y’all think San Francisco must be HUGE compared to Indianapolis, but um, no. In terms of largest US cities, San Francisco is ranked 13 and Indy is … Continue reading

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