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SoCS — March

March. Bleh. March has never been my favorite. The boy one gets older every March. My he’s big now. Now he looks like The Mister only taller and broader. He is magical, what with his mathing and his technologing and … Continue reading

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The Sound of Headphones

I freakin hate when kids get to that stage where they live in headphones. I do. I know it’s the norm and that they have to have their music and their video chats. I know that it saves me from … Continue reading

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Jottin SoCS — Glass

I’m not a fan of glass. When I think about glass I think about what a klutz I am and how hard it is to clean without a single smudge or smear left behind. Car windows, mirrors, those damned glass … Continue reading

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Kid Math: It Doesn’t Even Matter

Long ago, in what seems like a distant galaxy (our apartment) I had The Towhead Twins, Bubba and Sissy. Most weekdays, I also had my nephew and another child his age. When you have two kids, more children are actually helpful. … Continue reading

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It Was Not The Gift of The Magi

(I don’t know what you’ve read but as an English major I am forever required to allude.) Early in the holiday season, The Mister sent me a link to a groovy watch he thought Bubba would like. I said, “Ooh!” and clicked … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday — Well, He IS 23, so…

Sassy and Moo think Bubba is our favorite child because, I quote, “You treat him differently,” and “You treat him like an adult.” One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you by LindaGHill

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Choose Your Lies Carefully

Over at Dramatic Momolgue (Best titles ever, by the by) you should see the incredible Tooth Fairy-Saving design she’s come up with. I was totally jealous and immediately thought of climbin up the freakin bunk bed and diggin around under … Continue reading

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Vodka Mixed with LOLZ

One of the perks of having children is that everything old is new again. Like when it’s 2012 and they tell you they want that new BonJovi song “Wanted Dead or Alive.” At some point this summer, the boy one … Continue reading

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Yesterday was My Tuesday

One day, probably a Tuesday, I woke up in a foul mood. I have no idea why. I contemplated my mood briefly and found no reason for it. Of course, once you’re already in a bad mood, it super easy to … Continue reading

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1036 Words in Some Semblance of Order

I debated doing a One-Liner today, cause you know, I almost always do One-Liner Wednesday. Is “Well, fuuuuck,” a worthy One-Liner? Nah? I don’t have organized thoughts right now. I may or may not make sense, but then, you’re accustomed … Continue reading

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