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Too Cold for Kitties

On Friday, there was talk about a “snowstorm.” In case you hadn’t noticed, we all must be afeart of weather now. Jot Weather is relative. If you tell me we’re going to have a snowstorm here in Indy, I think … Continue reading

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Mary shared her One-Liner Wednesday featuring a Mittens meme, and it cracked me up. I’m so glad my cats don’t text me. If they did: Cletus would send videos all day, “Look at me! Are you watching? Mama, Mommy, Mooohhm! … Continue reading

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In Which Whirl Girl Winds Down

Y’all know good and goddamned well that I am not only behind in blogging, but also in reading blogs. Life. Mine is full. Yay. Yay? More like Yea. Due to staffing issues our office has been just a wee tad … Continue reading

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Share Your World — May 29, 2017

What is the most famous landmark or building you have ever seen? I don’t know which things are most famous. I easily think of those I haven’t seen. Like Cee, I’ve seen Seattle’s Space Needle, but is Montreal Tower more famous? … Continue reading

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I’ll Share Anyway

You know how people do go on about summer and get all excited because it’s hot and sunny and stuff? I’m in no hurry for that. Apart from the garden, I could skip summers. This is my kinda warm weather … Continue reading

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Just Jot It January — Mongrel

As far as I can tell, my household is full of mongrels. Most of us are vaguely Northern European with our pale skin and long noses. Moo’s got that skin though — that skin that tans in the shade and browns … Continue reading

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Share Your World #46

Are you a traveler or a homebody? I am both. I love to travel, but I do require downtime. I can get downtime while I travel, too. I love to explore and experience new places. My current lifestyle involves accommodating … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday — Catiquette

Last night, Moo sat in my lap tellin me a story as Catticus stood at the other end of the sofa meowing. Eventually, Moo stopped her story to scold Catticus, “Shh, I’m talkin now!” One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you by LindaGHill

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SoCS — Slug Love

I keep the slugs off the hydrangeas, but otherwise, I let them roam and munch. Plenty of green for them to fill their bellies. Now and again I find a slug in the house, usually because the animals all gather round … Continue reading

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SoCS — EXiting EXhaustion

I was exhausted yesterday. And Thursday, and Wednesday, and Tuesday and well, I think you get it. Back-to-school involved so much doing and peopling, it ate up all my downtime. Yesterday I was so tired, I was putting on my … Continue reading

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