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Yeah, I Hadda Take a Break!

Much like blogging Every Damn Day December, blogging A-Z was fun, but tiring. Also, this last week was spent being inordinately social. I love the people I’ve socialized with. As much as I wish I had several versions of myself … Continue reading

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We say Fuck A Lot: A Rant

This day started out all kindsa sucky. I awoke to The Mister’s alarm. Since The Mister didn’t come to bed until 5:45, he wasn’t hearing it. I thumped him and we had words. I no longer remember what the words … Continue reading

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Movin On Down

Yesterday morning, we met with Mr. Hill et al. to see the new loft space.  We hung out while the movers wrapped-up, and then we headed to the new building. As previously mentioned here, Mr. Hill had lived on the … Continue reading

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My Oenophobia Had a Color

The Back Story: After being pregnant and nursing for several years, I lost my ability to think, I mean, drink. I had previously had a Sunday-Dinner-Sometimes-Thursday Night relationship with Oliver Soft Red Wine. It’s local and inexpensive, and had been my … Continue reading

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What I Did Last Night

Yesterday was a tremendously emotional day. Roller coaster. Because, bidding on house: There is a small child in me that pulls all the toys into her lap, where she clutches them, saying, “Maybe I don’t want your stupid house! Stop tryin … Continue reading

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Random Monday Sure was Dandy

Confession: I am so happy not to be in Georgia to be “home,” that every day, when I go outside, I’m overcome with beauty and gratitude. I often find myself humming to the tune of my earworm, “This is the … Continue reading

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