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SoCS — Spell

April A-Z — S Lemme sit a spell and write a thing. I’m late today. I was up half the night catchin up with a friend. Slept pretty hard for about six hours. Morning came early, but lusty. I watched a documentary on trees … Continue reading

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Bring Your A-Game

This is some commentary I wrote elsewhere, Marches ago. It is my interpretation of how awful it must be for athletes who talk to the press after a big loss. I can’t speak for all of you, but not since childhood … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday — STEM Prep

Moo made her daddy a sammich last week. She did it with love and care. She told him, “I even deleted the seeds from your tomatoes.”   One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you by LindaGHill

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SoCS — This Woman is Done

Managed to get through the week. Thought we’d never get to #ThursdayDoors and Thursday Kittens — thank you for the extras, eschudel. Thought we’d never get home last night. Chose side effects over pain this week. Manic pace. Dizzying. Demanding. So … Continue reading

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Share Your World — February 27, 2017

Ever ran out of gas in your vehicle? No, but I do come closer than I should. In the van, the idiot light would come on when it hit an eighth. Bonnie Blue pings me and shows low fuel on my … Continue reading

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The Crud

The Mister and I are sick with the crud. We know it’s the crud because we watched Sassy go through the crud last week and we probably got her crud not from affectionating her, but by collecting her cruddy tissues. … Continue reading

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How Enlightening!

We went back to Marco’s and I took my glasses. We were enjoying our shrimp cocktail when another couple was seated next to us. Around 7:00, the lounge seems to fill up and really get hoppin. I should tell you, there … Continue reading

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Throwin Down Homophobic Chicken for the Fam

I realize, as I have just titled this post, that you may not ‘get it’ due to the slang, but this text chat with Sassy was absolutely the funniest thing that happened all week. I laughed so hard, I choked on … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — Double Feature

Today Only! Two for the price of one! Who are we kidding? I’m always a bargain when it comes to doors. The Motterns and Master Boombastic spent Saturday night out on the town. Woo-hoo! We almost never do that. We … Continue reading

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Just Jottin SoCS — Would that I Could

She said the prompt is ‘wood/ would’ and I thought woodchuck would. How bout you? I don’t know anything about woodchucks. I do know I slept well and there’s coffee and if I needed to chuck wood, I reckon I could … Continue reading

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