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It all started after I took the girls to school and went home to make myself some breakfast. I was cooking when I realized it was a good time to kill them all. There are some who would suggest I’ve … Continue reading

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Grin And Blur It

I honestly have no idea what’s gotten into this week, but it’s askew. And blurry. Me: I think I’ll … This Week: Actually, you’ll … Me: Okay, but then … This Week: No. No, of course it’s not me. I’m … Continue reading

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Yawning Friday

Oof, this has been a long, long week! Five o’clock mornings got me strung-out like taffy. Such a blur, I’m glad I took pictures. Lotta fun stuff this week. The Mister hadda bust out some channel locks to get Moo’s … Continue reading

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The Woman On The Bed

What did I do on the first day of fall break? I got up at 5:30am and drove the kid to the thing. Then I hosted LindaGHill’s Saturday Stream of Consciousness. Then I picked the kid up and grabbed some … Continue reading

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Cool, Crisp, and Yellow, No Mellow

You know how sometimes you just really wanna write somethin funny, or happy, or at the very least post somethin positive on your blog and you sorta feel like not those ways? NOT TODAY! I woke up at 6:42, or … Continue reading

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Monday, Twenty-Five September

My dream weekend would have been spent in some cottage in northwest Europe. I’d wear sweaters and walk by the sea and write beautiful words and contemplate life while grazing on fruit and nuts… Yeah, so this weekend was not … Continue reading

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Dark Comedy

This weather is unholy. I can’t even with this. Autumn, my ass. A good weekend to stay my ass inside. I should eat Caprese salad and binge-watch television. Orrr, turn off all the lights and worship The┬áDark Side of the … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday

I can’t remember what the hell I was gonna write about today, but I had a thing. It’s hangin around my head, silently taunting me now. Likely not available to me because I failed to cultivate sleep last night. I … Continue reading

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Sugar Assault

“Ooh, In the name of love…”   We went to the frickin grocery store on Friday. We did. We took Sassy to the football game and then we went to the Fresh Thyme and they don’t carry vegetable oil, because … Continue reading

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Capricious with a Chance of Cheeky

Outside, it’s sixty degrees and quite blustery. We slept with our windows cracked and that was some good sleepin. When I woke up, I wanted a sweatshirt, socks, and somethin to eat, but if you can imagine, not a one … Continue reading

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