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We have finished the leftovers from Christmas dinner. As part of it, I made Martha Stewart’s mac n cheese, which was suggested to me by Receptionist who DOES go on about it. I thought the recipe was a bit fussy … Continue reading

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I Believe in Christmas Eve

Can you believe my girls are at swim practice on Christmas Eve morning? Can you believe The Mister’s at work? Can you believe I’m home? I am! I’ve been home a lot for four days and often by myself. Well, … Continue reading

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The Craptastic Week that Was

That title is inspired by John Holton. I had a crap week. My family and my colleagues had a crap week, too. I haven’t had time to talk to other people to find out if their weeks were crap, because … Continue reading

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Pie Bookends

It is so cute how many people wished me a long, happy weekend. Thank you. However, we went to work Friday. (Four of us did. I saw no indication that Moo worked.)  Our boss gave us the choice of July 5 … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — Blind Owl Brewery

Happy Independence Day! Woot! This is my very favorite holiday. We’re doin it weird. I’ve noticed we do it weird when it’s not connected to a weekend or vacation. I’ve been cookin all mornin and the fellas are smokin pork … Continue reading

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A Tiny Tale of Tuesday

The Mister is cooking dinner, which gives me time to blog without ‘missing’ anything. Well, he’s frying bacon and his eggs, cause that is so time-consuming, while cooking scrambled eggs and toast takes all of five whoppin minutes. I don’t … Continue reading

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I Could Never Be a Breck Girl

Oh that was such a Tuesday. Good mercy. This weather though! Windows open at night, warm sun on my face in the day! Ooher! Slept like a baby last night, 8 solid hours. Woke up tired. How tired? I drank … Continue reading

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SoCS – Fabulously Frittered Day

Typing quicky now, almost midnight, need some blogging in my day. We just finished the vanilla milkshakes I made. I’ve got dinner going. It’s toasty grilled cheese in the oven and tomato soup on the range. Everyone’s pretty hyped about … Continue reading

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Oh my gosh, you guys! My whole family was home alllll weeeek while I worked. That was rough. I missed my people so very much. I worked a lil late Monday and Thursday and quite a bit late on Tuesday … Continue reading

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I Missed Blogland

Last Saturday, Sissy and her wee people came to Indiana and thusly we spent the afternoon with our family — Mottern, Party of 15. Oh my goodness, my heart nearly burst from all the happy! Wonderful, magical time, heart-heart. So … Continue reading

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