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Sunday Evening News

Where to begin… At the beginning? Who can determine a beginning? Everything always leads back to something else. Sassy’s four friends were here for what must have been weeks, but it probably only seems that way because the sun’s up … Continue reading

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Annual Descent Into Madness

Any descent into madness begins with the letter A. A-Z Challenge begins with pinging back to John Holton, and well, a list. I am a pantser and SoCSer overall. I just sit down and write. I hoard drafts and doors and … Continue reading

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Marking Time With Words

Just Jot It January is always fun, but I do enjoy days off, so I’m not sad — rather, relieved. My stats, if you believe in that sorta thing, went up in January compared to some months, but May and August … Continue reading

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Funeral Hat

I began this post last fall, and I don’t know when or if I would have posted it, had I not read Prajakta’s post along the same lines. Just Jot It January brings a lot of inspiration. Today’s prompt is … Continue reading

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I Read Stuff, I Really Do

Many of you know that I am a terrible reader. No, no, that came out wrong. I’m an avid reader, and I read super fast, but I’m total crap when it comes to writing about reading. Most of the time … Continue reading

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The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

Jill, Spanglish Jill, La Sabrosona, of My Spanglish Familia nominated me for this award, so I’m doing it, because I love Jill and this one looks fun, and I need more reasons to sit my jammied ass on the sofa … Continue reading

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The Happiness Tag

Judy from Edwina’s Episodes tagged me for this listing game and that makes it even happier. If you don’t read Judy, you’re missing out. She’s got such a sunny disposition. Here are the rules: List: 5 Things that make you happy 5 … Continue reading

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Four Facts

Cordelia’s Mom nominated me for this challenge the other day, and I wasn’t going to do it, because I’d just done something similar on Facebook. But then Anxious Mom also nominated me and she said if I didn’t do it, I’d … Continue reading

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M is for Meanwhile

I’m halfway through A-Z. Meanwhile, life goes on with no regard to alphabetical order. So let’s see… Yesterday, I met local food blogger Benson for a DoorScursion. We walked through a bit of his old stomping grounds, a neighborhood called Brightwood. … Continue reading

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A is for All Aboard

Or Ahoy. Or Allons. Or After you. Or get your ass in the car. Whatever. We’re embarking on the journey of A-Z. I am good with the letters, but not with the numbers. It’s like how I’m good with directions … Continue reading

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