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SoCS — Do Dew Due

  That’s what I got for the prompt. Pretty much all I know of the song is de do do do and da da da and “their logic ties me up and wrecks me” cause OMG SAME, but I dig … Continue reading

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How the Hell Did that Happen?

Y’all, it is time I make a confession. I hope you’re sittin down. I’ve told you, I’m not a horror fan. I’ve told you, I’m a sissypants about gore. I’ve told you, I like it here under my rock. I … Continue reading

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In Which Joey Is Given The Day Off

Mentor rang me at nine-somethin in the mornin. I answered, “You are aware it is morning, yes?” “I am. But I am calling to tell you you don’t need to come in today.” “Really?!?” “Really! Enjoy your day off!” She … Continue reading

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Oh! The Things You Can Do!

In high school, I dated a guy who could play every instrument he picked up. He was some sorta prodigy. He had a music room, and I never tired of his musical abilities. I also never thought much about it, … Continue reading

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