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Twas a Orange & Gray & Green Day

Lemme show you. See, first, when I arrived at work, there were orange slices on my desk. A HUGE container of orange slices. Way more orange slices than I should ever be left alone with, okay? Office Assistant is always … Continue reading

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Brain Frog Food

Before anyone thinks I’m any meaner than I actually am, I asked Mentor before posting this and she’s FINE with it, because we do enjoy a good laugh, maybe even more at our own expense. No need to have kittens about me makin … Continue reading

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Mentor speaks at least three languages fluently, and English is not her mother tongue. She has no accent, which means her accent is close enough to my own that I don’t hear one. Y’all know I’m language friendly, and I … Continue reading

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In Which Joey Is Given The Day Off

Mentor rang me at nine-somethin in the mornin. I answered, “You are aware it is morning, yes?” “I am. But I am calling to tell you you don’t need to come in today.” “Really?!?” “Really! Enjoy your day off!” She … Continue reading

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In the first few days of my job, I made a mistake on a hard copy and asked Mentor if she wanted me to white it out. She sure did. She handed me a pink contraption I had never seen before. … Continue reading

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