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Wet & Wasted

So I had this job interview a while back. Let’s call the company Colossal. I put on my stupid suit. All suits are stupid. I am not a suit person. Do I look good in a suit? Fuck yeah. Right … Continue reading

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Twitterpated, Caffeinated, Animated

I’d love to One-Line, but I cannot. I’m all aflutter and so wish to dish with you today, but I cannot. Instead I must hurl random information into this box. Someone bought the abandoned house next door, and they’ve put … Continue reading

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JusJoJan — 9

COFFEE. (Excellent prompt, Barb.) Jot! I’ve written many posts about coffee. I had to decaf back in 2010, and since then pretty much everyone makes a scowling face and asks, “How can you drink that crap?” or “Why bother?” and … Continue reading

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Skunkapalooza, He Said

Yesterday morning I made two trips to two schools. I didn’t smell anything but my delicious coffee and the girls’ freshly-groomed scents. Later though, I went downtown. I didn’t smell anything unusual until I got back in my car. I … Continue reading

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Another Sleepy Post

Y’all, I just do not sleep anymore. That’s my thing again. That’s what I told my family when they came out to find the light on in the middle of the night. “I just don’t sleep anymore.” “Hello, I just … Continue reading

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Asleep and Alert

Not too long ago, I had a nightmare about oversized Transformers taking over the world. Imagine the eyes on the cover of Gatsby, but as robotic eyes looming over the horizon. Gleaming silver feet the size of my house, about … Continue reading

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SoCS — In Which I Don’t Remember Which

Which, witch and what now? *looks at the prompt again* Wich. Well I didn’t even know that was a word. Thanks, Linda. I’ve learned three new words today, which makes me happy, although I am already happy because I am … Continue reading

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Drinks Coffee, Writes

Up at O Dark Thirty cause I got a kid who’s like I know I’m an honor student and the only freshman cellist in symphony, but I also want to be a swimming and diving champion, because exercise is good … Continue reading

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And on a Tuesday No Less

I’ve blogged many times about transition, as I feel I am almost always in transition of some sort. Transition versus what? Being in a rut? Ick. I believe it’s best to stop and breathe, care for ourselves, reflect — but … Continue reading

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Harrowing Narrowing Peril

A while back we went to the second of three reunions my husband’s family holds each year. Before we left, The Mister talked to me about directions and I was all, “Mmmhm, okay,” because I don’t know the ways. I … Continue reading

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