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You’d Think We’d Know More

But we don’t. In a¬†few days, the boy one will be returning to Indy to begin an internship. He’s planning to stay at The Palace of Rules because they have a lot more space over there. I dunno how long … Continue reading

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Casey Cat

Over the years, I’ve attempted to take in or care for cats when other people couldn’t. I counted the other day, and I’ve tried to take in nine. It doesn’t always work out. There’s always some self-righteous judgmental person who … Continue reading

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It Makes My Skin Crawl, A Metaphorical Rant

We were invited over to The Palace of Rules last night for brownies. No, wait, there was dinner. After dinner, we went into the living room to watch television, and apparently, on Monday nights, MIL watches The Bachelor. How on … Continue reading

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Text to Talk to Introverts

My mother taught me a long time ago, when people ask you questions that are none of their business, you reply by asking, “Why do you ask?” It redirects them to their own motives. You should know by now, there … Continue reading

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The Weekend’s Over, Right?

My son came in for his spring vacation, which was splendid. He came with a lot of equipment. Cords and cords and more cords, all over everything. He asked for curry, so I made curry. He wants something for his … Continue reading

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Destination: Grocery Store

On New Year’s Night, The Mister and I had a date. I really needed to go to the store that day, but dates are so much more fun than grocery shopping. Grocery shopping never curls my toes. Grocery shopping, no … Continue reading

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