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You’re Safe with a Man in the House

Like a lot of kids, if I woke up scared, I’d head to my parents’ bedroom. Like a lot of parents, they grew annoyed, and began to forbid it. I have memories of them carefully lifting their feet over me, … Continue reading

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Sometimes, Joy Makes Us Wait

A lot of people were overwrought with holiday schedules and festivities two weeks ago, but ours was just now. We’re a busy, sometimes over-scheduled clan. We only just recently had the big family dinner and gift exchange. In a way, … Continue reading

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Get Up and GO!

At first I wasn’t busy, and then I really, really was. How busy was I? I have been drinking caffeinated soda for over a week! *gasps* Summer vacation suddenly had too many days with alarm clocks. We kept sayin things like, “We’ll … Continue reading

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Magical Day

I knew Drew was comin for a visit yesterday so I knew it would be a good day, but I had no idea it turn into a magical day. We spent the day on the porch with our swate tay, catchin … Continue reading

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The Weekend’s Over, Right?

My son came in for his spring vacation, which was splendid. He came with a lot of equipment. Cords and cords and more cords, all over everything. He asked for curry, so I made curry. He wants something for his … Continue reading

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They Take Over Everything

Children take over your whole life, they take over everything. Particularly when they are home on Winter break, followed by a WEEK of snow days. A few recent examples: While Moo contends she did not eat chili while sitting upon … Continue reading

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