Gothic Revival – Jolene Mottern

This is my scary-not-scary story for 13 Stories ‘Til Halloween 🙂

13 Stories 'Til Halloween

Gothic Revival

Dominic sat in the coat closet amidst the bare bones of his new house, ripping up traces of threadbare carpet. It was the last closet left. He’d started upstairs, and he’d torn carpet out of twelve others. Since the house hadn’t been wired yet, he tried to do the darkest rooms while the sun still shone. If he had been honest with himself, he would’ve been forced to admit he didn’t want to be in the house after dark, regardless of the room or the project.

The first night Dominic had come to work on the house, he’d barely set up his shop light when a millipede scuttled out from the sink’s drain. Dominic stared in awe as it crawled carefully down the side of the pedestal before reducing its body to a sliver and slipping into an invisible slit in the lathe. He’d barely recovered from the sight of…

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7 Responses to Gothic Revival – Jolene Mottern

  1. hollie says:

    Great story, Joey! Very creepy! I’m glad I read it in the daytime!


  2. Thanks Hollie 🙂


  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    Great story! I love haunted-house type stories or stories of possession. That’s the type of horror I like, not so much slasher tales. So this one was right up my alley. But now I’m itchy. All those bugs…

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  4. Wonderful story, well crafted…loved it!!!


  5. Matt Roberts says:

    Such an awesome story!


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