Friday, 2:38am

Up reading blogs at 2am. Gah. Don’t get me wrong you guys, I love reading you, but I would rather be asleep. I’ve been so tired all week. I was cold and achy and took to my bed early and I was sleeping and then I woke up all hot. Well it wasn’t me. One of these people, whoever hates me the most, put the thermostat on 72. 72! Ugh. So hot. With a hotter cat nuzzling my feet.

unnamed (26)

Not that cat. It was the white one, actually.

Not wanting to wake The Mister with the shining light and clickety-clack of my laptop, I came to my living room to write this and there is some loud and obnoxious thing Bubba watches on my tv. We all have our own thing. His is where the people watch other people play video games. Young people love that stuff. It makes me feel a little violent. I won’t be able to type long. I keep fighting the urge to scream SHUT THE FUCK UP! at the people who cannot hear me. Bubba, like his daddy, sleeps heavy, but I dunno that he could sleep through my yelling that six feet from his face.

My head is full of complaints on Thursday. Not right, is it?

One of my granny bowls, Pyrex, shattered on my gorgeous and terrible kitchen floor. Sassy set it to dry not far from the edge of the counter, Moo climbed said counter to put dishes away, Bubba leaned on the same counter — SMASHO! Bubba got a bunch of tiny cuts on top of one of his giant man feet and I swept it all up because it happened before my husband got home, even though cleaning up glass is his job. Bubba will heal and I still have another granny bowl just like the one that shattered. I hate my kitchen floor. Pyrex. Shattered. Damn.

I tried Noodles & Company today. I had never had it and was excited when Receptionist said she was ordering and would go pick it up. It was icky. I ate the mushrooms out of it and brought the rest home for my dog. She liked it fine.

All it does is rain.

Here’s the thing: When The Mister and I took our overnight date à l’hotel? Certain moments excluded, we watched The Weather Channel the entire time. Tis true. We watched The Weather Channel exclusively. Actively at times. Mindlessly at others. At the time, we laughed about morphing into our parents and growing older, but like, we didn’t turn it off. We marveled at the low temps and high rainfall all over our side of the country. We had intense conversations about flooding. And so, this week, as we had storms, tornadoes, outages and everything wet, we could discuss it properly, as older people do.
“Well, we knew it was coming.”
“Yes, in from Oklahoma.”
“Yes. They did say.”

We haven’t driven by the creek lately. We should do that this weekend. Maybe take the kids and comment on how high the creek is so they will know how to grow old properly. Maybe talk about tributaries and turtles…

Here are some things that haven’t floated away…

unnamed (30)unnamed (31)

They also haven’t been weeded for some time…

I don’t know how happy I’ll be in four hours. Hopefully my next sleeping session is cool and hard. Maybe Friday will have significantly superior highlights. I’m grateful to leave the living room at 3am, I’ll say that much.

Happy Friday Everyone!


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48 Responses to Friday, 2:38am

  1. orbthefirst says:

    Sleep good Joey. Looks like we just missed each other.

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  2. Rivergirl says:

    Okay. I’m no expert, having been married for 35 years…. but date night, at a nice hotel? Probably shouldn’t center around the weather channel. Good God woman! You really are doing it wrong.

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  3. markbialczak says:

    I hope your Friday surely become progressively happier, Joey.

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  4. Joanne Sisco says:

    I’m a lot older than you are, Joey, and only recently when I stopped what I was doing to turn on the 6 o’clock news did I realize that I’ve turned into my parents. it’s a shocking realization when it occurs.

    … and what kind of floor do you have? Pyrex is virtually indestructible! Damn.

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  5. Maggie says:

    Our children now compare us to their grandparents. Translation: We are officially old. Our hotel stay would most likely be more centered around book reading — or sleeping. Although I must say Jim Cantore and company are a smooth elixir when we get weather drunk.

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  6. Benson says:

    I wish I could have 72 degrees around here. Clara Lee needs a frigid low 60’s. I know what you mean about the weather. It is never going to stop raining and we are all going to drown. And the sun is never going to shine so we won;t even get a rainbow. Happy Friday to you as well.

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    • joey says:

      I knowww! It’s terrible! All day at work, the sun shined and then as soon as I’m off, rain rain, go away! Gah! It is VERY floaty around here!
      I like it 68 or lower at night. I need to sleep cold.

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  7. Dan Antion says:

    72 degrees would suit me fine. I don’t touch the thermostat, not my domain, I wear hoodies. Thanks for the tip on Noodles & Co. Since I rarely like the mushrooms in Asian food, the dog would have gotten all of it. Except our dog – sensitive tummy – dog puke – no.

    I hope this day is better now that you’re awake when you should be.

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  8. Ally Bean says:

    I have nights like yours when I can’t sleep and the day keeps replaying in my head. I’m sorry about your granny bowl and I understand your fascination with the Weather Channel of late. As for it being a Happy Friday, so far it has been on my end. How’s yours going?

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    • joey says:

      It was a bit long, because I was soooo tired, but it wasn’t a bad day. Even had a sit in the sunshine on the stoop before it rained. Immediately when work ended, of course. I hope your day ends on the high, too 🙂

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  9. Bill says:

    It’s an ‘eh’ day for me. You gave me an idea to improve it: road trip. Maybe. Need to see what sleeping beauty thinks. Have a great weekend, y’all.

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  10. scr4pl80 says:

    I thought Pyrex was guaranteed for life. Or maybe that was some other granny bowl brand. I know what you mean about the TV…hubby has to have it on all the time and watches those stupid adult cartoons. I put my pillow over my head. Hopefully Friday is good for you!

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    • joey says:

      Pyrex is supposedly ‘resistant’ to breaking like Fiesta is resistant to chipping. However, on these bloody buggery floors, I have broken two Fiesta pieces, cracked the mouths of a Pyrex pitcher and Pyrex measuring cup, a standard mug, now that bowl, and I couldn’t tell you how many drinking glasses.
      I can sleep with tv, but not loud. He likes it LOUD!

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  11. Let’s start with the basics – I’m old, you are not. I do not watch the weather channel, ever, unless there is a hurricane on the way. I don’t watch more than 30 minutes of news per day either so don’t starting watching news all day. 🙂 My grandson watches someone else playing video games. I don’t understand it, but I certainly get that the young folks enjoy it. In my ‘vintage’ mind it falls into the category with the supposedly ‘reality’ shows that they call real but are scripted. I don’t get that either. 🙂 Get some sleep, a weather app for occasional reference, a good book, and some ear plugs. 🙂 Happy weekend and may this constant rain let up soon. Side effect of this much rain is my daughter went to buy hay for the animals today and no one has any and no shipments on the immediate horizon. I’m pretty sure the animals aren’t going to understand cause and effect. 😦

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    • joey says:

      That is so sad about the hay noms. Poor animals! Poor daughter too, that must be stressful.
      Our parents unanimously love The Weather Channel, my Papa especially. Seriously. We’ve made fun of them for years and now we’ll have to stop.
      I do wear earplugs, but what I need now is a lil ice slab for good sleep 😉 Ah, sleep. I hope it comes to stay tonight! Sleep better bring its A game!

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  12. Good luck sleeping. We have one of those noodles places too. Tried it twice, because it couldn’t be as bad as we thought. We decided maybe the week they open wasn’t the best time, and gave them another chance. It really was that bad and we’ve learned our lesson.

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  14. bikerchick57 says:

    Oh boy, Joey, I hope when you read this you will have had the best night’s sleep ever and wake up to some shards of sun. The rain has been terrible, but no sleep at 2:30 am only adds to the gloom. Maybe the Mister can fix you some pancakes for breakfast before you teach the young ones how to be old and watch The Weather Channel 24/7.

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  15. Prajakta says:

    I understand you downed some good food! Hope you had a restful weekend and some much needed relaxation 🙂 Take care!

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  16. Norm 2.0 says:

    We all turn into our parents don’t we? And it is horrifying when that realization comes that it’s actually happening to us. For me it was the realization that I was repeating the same groan-inducing lame jokes.
    Hope you find your sleep mojo soon. Insomnia sucks 😦

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  17. marianallen says:

    72 is hot? You aren’t a chinchilla, by any chance, are you? You’re small and beautiful and cute and you think 72 is hot. Yep! Chinchilla.

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  18. J-Dub says:

    We set the temp to 78 in the summer and 65 in the winter. In the winter I wear sweats to stay warm enough. In the summer, we have ceiling fans going constantly to help keep things cool enough. Any lower than 78 and the electric bills are through the roof. Now that’s me turning into my parents.

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  19. Not the pyrex!!! Was it the big yellow one? Of the baby blue? You know, the set of four primary coloured nesting pyrex bowls? I have a set – only one is originally from my mother’s kitchen. The others are all replacements – the originals having met their makers on assorted floors over the years.

    I am so, so sorry.

    Also, I hope the illness is short lived.

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    • joey says:

      Thank you. No, it was one of the Americanas… lemme see — Fall or Brown Americana. Brownish bronze with gold pattern, white inside. I have two sets. One because The Mister’s granny gave them to me and the other because my friend, I quote, “Saw these ugly bowls and thought you might like more.” I’ve always wanted the primary set, (more to my taste) but they’re pricier, hm?
      These floors are the worst. Can’t wait to upgrade (haha) downgrade to actual linoleum. No one will tell me how pretty my floors are, but damn, Maggie, I bet I’ll keep my dishware!


  20. ghostmmnc says:

    Rain, rain go away? Glad to see you and the flowers are still standing. The weather all over has been strange. Oh, 72 is hot for you? I’m usually freezing at 72!
    Hope you’re having a relaxing weekend …and no more breaking things! 🙂

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  21. Anxious Mom says:

    Talking about the weather must be step two in getting old, after “talk about home improvement and Home Depot is Friday night date night.”

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