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Obvs and Wins

If you’d been stalking me throughout this week, you’da been massively entertained. I was nearly massively entertained myself, cept I kept yawning. Every morning this week has been me sitting in bed staring at the trees, my sleep center all, … Continue reading

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What is Fine?

I’m sucking on a chocolate square, staring at my monitor, wondering what’s fine. Fine is an interesting word. Much usage. Not to put too fine a point on it, but fine is often a lie, an omission at best. Most … Continue reading

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Recappa 2, Apparently

This is what I do now, apparently. Recaps. Heh. Maybe it’ll be different when …  oh, who the fuck knows. I have to do a lot of this. I think I’ve been fightin off a pack of germs, an army … Continue reading

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I wasn’t on Facebook Sunday. I got on Monday night and saw people wishin one another Happy Superbowl as though it’s a special holiday and I was like, “Why am I friends with these people?!?” but then I thought about … Continue reading

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But No: A Rant

Y’all ever wrong? Ever make mistakes? Are you the kind of person who refuses to admit error, or are you like me, all, “Oh you’re right, my apologies!” I don’t talk shit when I’m not sure. On the daily, I … Continue reading

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JusJoJan — 29

Jotting through January, realizing once Just Jot It January is over, I doubt I’ll choose to blog on Mondays. My Monday mornings would be better spent sipping more coffee and staring into nothing longer. Off we go now.

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JusJoJan — 16

Jot!    It’s a special day for me/us, for it is the day I went with my bestie to a party, wherein I met my husband when I sat on his lap in the car — 31 years ago today. … Continue reading

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JusJoJan — 14

Jot! In case you do not know, my MIL makes the best corned beef in the entire world. It is so tender that tender doesn’t even seem like the right word. Cliched phrases like ‘melt in your mouth’ don’t do … Continue reading

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JusJoJan — 1

I shall jot through January, as I do every year. This year will be a greater challenge because of work. I’ve been working full-time for over a month, and if I don’t blog in the morning, it seems I don’t … Continue reading

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SoCS — Not An Inspiring Holiday Post

You’ll never believe what I’ve been doing. Almost Everything. It’s very mommer to do Everything this time of year. I’m not doing Everything. That’s why I wrote Almost Everything. I made one meal all week. That was about a hundred … Continue reading

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