Shady Superstore is Shady


I know I’m supposed to hate the enormous/monopolizing/mega/discounted/superstore chains.
And I do.

I know I’m supposed to support small businesses, instead.

But I cannot.
Because like most of the mommies in the superstore, I am a broke-ass bitch who does not want to spend her days trekking about town on a scavenger hunt for more expensive tea tree oil shampoo, dog biscuits, printer paper, baby girl gifts, fresh fruit and gallons of TruMoo.  No.  And if I can have my oil changed while I’m shopping, all the better, thanks.

I do avoid the superstore.  I go five or six times a year.  Unfortunately, this prompts me to buy all the things I have trouble finding elsewhere; large butter beans, spinach and mushroom pizzas, cheap sweat pants, chocolate and peanut butter ice cream…

Of course, while I’m actually in the superstore, I see countless other items I feel compelled to buy; enormous jug of apple juice, pens, Valentine’s for the girls’ classmates, half a dozen cherry Greek yogurts, giant radishes…
The Mister, he sees other things we probably should pick up; additional baby girl gifts, yoga blocks, steaks, turnips…

By the time we’re in the check-out lane, I’m aware that this has been a costly trip.  *sigh*

By the time we get to the oil change area, I’ve calculated that we’ve spent approximately two dollars a minute while inside the superstore.


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1 Response to Shady Superstore is Shady

  1. Matt Roberts says:

    You know, I hate the fact that shopping at Walmart is a good thing, but at the same time I appreciate them. They have created a ton of jobs. They may be running small independent places out of business and that does suck, but at least they’re not doing it and not providing jobs in the process. Hell, I don’t have a job right now, so people who have jobs at Walmart are better off than I am.


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