Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

Nominated for a blog award.  Ooh! Ah! Very exciting stuff.
(For me — probably not for you.)

Matt Roberts over at Beefy’s House O’ Fun has given me this Shine On Award:

Isn’t it a pretty little picture?


I just love it.

So with this honor bestowed upon me, I nominate bloggers that might also like to have this pretty little picture:



Being June

With the Lights On

Goddess, Living Out Loud


I’m expected to nominate fifteen people, and although I read well over fifty people, some are private, some are anti-award, some are inactive, and some wouldn’t know I’ve nominated them unless I went over and self-promoted on their site.

Should you accept your nomination, you should nominate fifteen people, or as many as you can.
And then answer the following questions, if applicable:

1. How did you choose names for your children?

We chose our children’s names based on book characters and family names.  I don’t disclose the actual names of my children on this blog, but I can tell you they’re all excellent names, of course.  *winks*
The Mister spent a great deal of time in the P’s of the baby book, but he got over it eventually.  Thank Tacos for the letter R.

2.  What are your moral guidelines or what is your religious faith?

You can find out my religious beliefs in a previous post 26 Random Things About Me.   I value integrity, honesty, respect and positivity.

3.  What do you do in your free time?

I’m not sure what qualifies as free time, because all my time is a matter of choice.  What I am not doing makes it hard to enjoy what I am doing.  I try to cut myself some slack, but I can drive myself crazy with what I should be doing.  I enjoy reading, writing, puttering around online, gardening, quilting, cooking, long walks, yoga, my dvr, napping, my pets, — oh and napping with my pets! talking to my friends, and of course, most of all, time with my family.


4.  What song, television show, film speaks to you, and why? 

Songs are too hard to choose, but I’d say Tori Amos is my most relevant artist. She weaves notes and lyrics in the most pleasing and irreverent way.  I love her.  You are unable to fathom my love for her unless you’ve seen her play two pianos at once.

My favorite television show is probably going to be Friends for the rest of my life, unless they make a show that is better than Friends. I’m quite fond of Newsweek though: the dialogue is brilliant, its messages of truth and integrity stand out, and I’m quite partial to tall, blonde men, let alone news anchors.

Films are also too hard to narrow to one, but I can watch Midnight in Paris every day and not be sick of it.


5. What is your favorite animal and why?

I love giraffes.  I envy their height, because I’m short.  They’re kinda yellow.  I love yellow. But they’re also like me, because they seem a bit clumsy and they scare easily.  Why isn’t this tiny pet giraffe available yet?


Also, they eat mimosa leaves, and I love mimosas!   I strive to have mimosa day on January 1st, Mother’s Day and the Sunday after back to school. *hiccups* Alright, it’s not the same thing, but it’s close enough!


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  1. meg68 says:

    omg, I see I have a lot of catching up to do? Thanks Joey!! I wish I had the time to say something more right now, but I have to literally race to work…. thanks again, more from me later, I promise, what a shock! 🙂


  2. meg68 says:

    So I just nominate some bloggers and answer the questions?


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