You Probably Missed Me

Y’all prolly thought I went to Chicago and never came back. I admit that would’ve been ideal, and we did stay until late Monday, but I’ve been negligent in posting since.

It was a phenomenal visit.
It always is.

Worth almost dyin halfa dozen times in the perilous traffic to get there. Damn, People! Pick a lane!

There’s just nothing like spending time with good friends.  I truly cannot express how joyful it was to be accepted non-stop for four days. The Mister worried we would overstay our welcome. He wondered why HME kept goin on about how happy she was while we were there. I said, “It’s very simple. There is no stress. I don’t care if my dog licks the cat food can. I couldn’t care less if she needs to lie down and take a nap. I’m not bothered by pet hair on the furniture, ice cream for lunch, or whether or not they’ll entertain us.” That’s what it’s like to be with true friends, and maybe moreso with friends one’s lived with.
We all need people with whom we can exhale. People who really “get us,” and I am blessed to have many.

When I say HME is my most-like-me friend, I mean it.
So much so, that on Saturday afternoon, when we finally groomed to go out, we both appeared in a navy blue shirt with green stripes. She changed. Then we got in our cars, drove to the fair, and emerged with identical sunglasses.
But it goes well beyond clothes and accessories. It’s also about how we live, and what’s important to us. Because ultimately, we most love people who share our values. And that, they do.

Also? my dog is a miniature version of HME’s dog.

















And the weather? Delicious! In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I am really only happy when I’m slightly chilled. Oh, that weather was sublime!  I mean, perfect summer weather, partly sunny skies, where long, cool breezes blew by.

And I was plied with beer. Maybe it pays to be a beer aficionado, because I had some of the tastiest stuff ever. This is my new favorite beer, but I’m not havin good luck findin it, because according to Goose Island’s website, Indiana prohibits finding a retailer. Because living in a Blue Law State is sucky like that.


(For those of you who are not a Hoosier, and can buy alcohol anywhere and anytime you like, you likely have no understanding, and I envy you. These laws go all the way back to The Prohibition. If you’re not American, and dunno what The Prohibition was, you could look it up. If you’re American and dunno what The Prohibition was, you should look it up, and also, be a bit ashamed.)

Beyond the beer, there was yummy food, because HME and Mr. HME are also foodies, so you know, they’re wonderful like that. Grass-fed burgers and angel hair pasta salad, and OMFG, we went to Oberweis! I’m sorry you weren’t there.

oberweisI made the Alfredo sauce for dinner. Mr. HME moaned with pleasure and high-fived me twice, which tickled me beyond words.
Acceptance AND Appreciation?

I’m not a needy, always-seeking-validation person, you should see my Twitter account, but when it comes to cookin, I live for people tellin me how yummy my food is. I’m never quite sure if they’re just bein polite. So moaning over my food and eating seconds means a great deal to me.


Otherwise, I strive for mediocrity. Thrive in it, really…

Anyway, great trip.

Can’t wait to go back, although I rather hope they’ll come see us once we’ve set up house. Might be hard for me to leave my house, what with all the comforts of home and all…


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3 Responses to You Probably Missed Me

  1. Sherry says:

    So now you are honor bound to start sharing some of your recipes. I mean that. Glad you had a super time. It was and continues to be a nice holiday. We went and saw The Lone Ranger yesterday and then out for lunch at one of our favorite spots. And plenty of leftovers today so I’m not cooking! hehe. best to ya.


  2. Matt Roberts says:

    Always miss you 🙂 Glad you had a blast. I love Chi-town. Such a fun city. Although I’ve only been to the downtown area and the last time was in 2001, I think about going back all the time. Love it.


  3. Hollie says:

    I am not a Hoosier, (although my mom is from Indiana and my dad is from Kentucky) but I am a Kansan and we have similar ridiculous liquor laws. Sometimes I want some wine but ooops,It is Sunday and clearly banning the sale of liquor on Sunday keeps people from drinking it…right!


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