My Furry Family

Maybe it was rude to introduce you to Chubby Squirrel before introducing you to my actual pets. Never you mind that I’ve probably taken more photos of Chubby Squirrel than I have of my firstborn…Shh.



Catticus is supposed to be The Mister’s cat, to help balance male-to-female ratio in the house, because I was unwilling to bear him a second son.
We came to belong to Catticus by way of True, who rescued a pregnant mama cat.
I was visiting True when she said, “Oh! I wanted to show you something. I’ll be right back.”
When she returned, her arms were loaded with kittens. Itty-bitty-teeny-tiny mewing kittens. “They all need homes, Joey!”


True suckered me, cause I’m a sucker for kittens.


Catticus chose me. Catticus climbed all over me and talked all up in my face. Catticus was the runt, and the loudmouth. When the kittens hadn’t fed in awhile, True would pull Catticus out of the litter and hold him by the scruff, where he would cry for his mama until she returned to nurse.


Catticus, “Beeeeg Boy” is now a big-boned, thirteen-pound king of a cat. He is neurotic. He does not hunt. He has food issues, and distorted body image. He hates the dog. He exercises his dominance by scratching everything with his non-existent claws.
He loves us all very much, but I do believe Moo is his person. He must have enjoyed her torturing him as a kitten. I dunno.


Clarabelle was adopted from friends of ours who have a farm, and as such, have a few too many barn cats. Clara is the offspring of an indoor-outdoor Siamese, and who-knows-which Tomcat. She’s got one blue eye and one yellow eye.


I had planned to take one of the gray kittens. (I’ve had four gray/brown tabbies in my life?) But the gray kittens did not love me. The white one loved me. I’ve never been a fan of white cats. It’s all that exposed pink. Very Pinky and The Brain…But she chose me.
She was an ugly kitten. I did not take many photos of her as a kitten, because, ugly. I don’t know if she’s prettier now, or if I just love her so much, I don’t notice anymore.


Clara is a lover. She loves everyone. She lets everyone pet her, she talks to everyone, she snuggles, and she’s particularly skilled at getting her white fur all over your black trousers. She’s my ba-aay-by. She knows no strangers. She’s curious. She hunts. She easily keeps her girlish figure because Catticus owns the food bowls.


Sadie-Dog came to us because she lived in an at-home rescue, where the resident Rottweiler did not love her. The woman who ran the rescue was worried that her Rottie’s animosity would worsen, as violent episodes intensified. When we took her, she had already suffered a broken paw, lacerations to her ears and puncture wounds on her ears and jaw. Sadie was an anxious chewer, her nerves were just completely shot from all the stress.


The vet said after a few months of living with our large, loving family, she would stop chewing (everything, even herself) and she did. We still provide her with plenty of bones, because they keep her teeth clean, and well, she’s spoiled rotten.

She’s well-trained. I trained her. I’m impressed with both of us in that respect. She’s excited when people come, or when we come home, and in the morning, she’s extremely happy and bouncy as if she doesn’t have a day of chores and challenges ahead of her…but for the most part, Sadie is a quiet and calm doggy.

We don’t know exactly what kind of dog she is. She’s part German Shepherd, looks a bit like a Golden and is as well-tempered as one, but she tracks the ground like a Hound, and people say they see a bit of Sheltie or Chow. We don’t really care what she is, cause she’s muttastic, even though she sometimes limps. She’s a survivor.

may31 014
Sadie is an excellent watchdog, a loving companion, and so much fun to play with. She is the quintessential family dog.
Among us all, Sassy is the most “dog-person,” and although this dog and I are like two peas in a pod, I do believe they share a special bond.

After writing this post, I shall take liberty in lecturing you about how important it is to spay and neuter your pets, and how adoption is the best way to obtain an animal you don’t intend to breed. Rescued pets are the best pets. Ask anyone who’s rescued one, and they’ll tell you the same.

If a specific breed is preferred, you can locate a rescue for that breed in your area, list your name with local veterinarians, and even put your name on a list at the pound/shelter/Humane Society to get a specific breed.  There are plenty of people who relinquish pure-bred dogs to those facilities.
The dogs without homes are not rejects. They are the result of irresponsible breeding, ownership, or unexpected events that had nothing to do with them. They are lovable, adaptable, and so, so cute.

You should really go and let one pick you out RIGHT NOW!


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10 Responses to My Furry Family

  1. meANXIETYme says:

    OMG I love your animal family. How lucky you all are to have each other. Rescued animals are the best…and those who rescue them are blessed.


  2. ONGosh,
    Catticus! I love that name.
    Fab Photos.
    I love love love cats))))


  3. words4jp says:

    I love your ‘children’. I wish I could have more than my Pee, but not in the cards at this time. I love my girl and I am grateful everyday that we saw her on the Orphans of the Storm website and that she chose us. Now with that said, I am thinking that since I put hats on her head – for photographic purposes only – that she may sue for emancipation. Oh dear – xxxx


  4. Jewels says:

    Gosh pets really do add so much to our lives don’t they?! I can’t even fully express how much I love and adore mine. ♥ Really enjoyed seeing the photos of yours. 🙂 And can I just say… the name Catticus… purrfect!


  5. Matt Roberts says:

    What a good looking family you got there! George Carlin had a bit about his dog being a mutt that I always thought of when trying to explain my dog. “Well, it’s not a monkey.” Is Sadie part Dodge Dart?


  6. DOG is the important part, right? People fuss too much over breeds.


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