But…The Noodles…

I presume y’all had a lovely Thanksgiving?
If you’re not American, I presume you had a lovely Thursday?

I was up ’til two on Thursday morning, because I’d forgotten it takes longer for rolls to rise up north.

Lemme just say, my Thanksgiving was wonderful. Sometimes it’s just nice to be “home.” This was one of those times.
The dreaded turkey breasts were, in fact, the breast portions of actual birds, and not some contrived, congealed pressed meat. Sassy named them Charleston and Clarissa. They were tender and moist.
MIL made many of my favorite MIL foods; homemade stuffing, frozen cranberry salad, green bean casserole, and turkey noodles. Oh My Gawd, The Noodles!


I’ve eaten a bowl of those turkey noodles every day since, and it saddens me to say, they’re all gone now.


They may or may not be the reason these sweat pants are so comfy today.

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7 Responses to But…The Noodles…

  1. LindaGHill says:

    Turkey noodles? Sounds interesting. πŸ™‚ So glad to see the breasts were properly dubbed before consumption. hehe


  2. I too regretfully have never heard of turkey noodles..We are still eating turkey…today turkey, ham and cheese grilled sandwiches with some homemade tomato soup from the freezer. And the corn casserole is still half here…care for me to send you some? lol


  3. Matt Roberts says:

    I’m down with Thanksgivingy food. Turkey rules. I don’t do cranberry, but everything else I love. Stuffing (which I hated as a kid and love now) and green bean casserole… but what’s this turkey noodles I’m reading? I can’t explain how much I love pasta, so the fact that this is something new to me is kind of upsetting. What is it? It sounds so good…


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