I failed massively at NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November. Total word count? Less than 4k. Looking back, those words may or may not be clever enough to point to a plot.
But! I love a good redemption story, so I’m giving EvDaDaDec (EveryDamnDayDecember) a chance.

I found out about this challenge through my bloggity blog friend, Linda.

She referred to her inspiration from treatment of visions.

So there are two new blogs you can read every damn day in December. And mine, don’t forget mine!
This will serve as my December first post, because I am late, on account of all the excuses I don’t have time to make up. Like how I need to post another blog tonight…


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12 Responses to EvDaDaDec

  1. Nice work on the epic November failure. While I’m not predicting failure on your December goal, I’m also not predicting non failure. I guess I’m not predicting anything. I’m implying something I suppose. Ok, good luck!


  2. LindaGHill says:

    Oh man, the giraffes made me laugh. Thank you so much for that! hahahahahahahaha!!!
    And welcome aboard the EvDaDaDec party train! At least that’s what Dylan’s comments are saying now! Don’t forget to pingback Dylan every day so everyone doing it gets to see your blog 😀


  3. I’ve never tried that Nanowrimo whatever it’s called. I know I’d fail, and the speed writing aspect puts me off a little. Well done for even having a go. I came across some guy who managed 150,000 words, wonder how he found the time to eat


  4. better than me…I signed up and never wrote a word. I have NEVER been able to come up with a plot for a story…ain’t that sad as hell?


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