Yeah, I Hadda Take a Break!

Much like blogging Every Damn Day December, blogging A-Z was fun, but tiring.
Also, this last week was spent being inordinately social. I love the people I’ve socialized with. As much as I wish I had several versions of myself for each of my pursuits, I am only one introvert.


While The Mister loves to entertain, I’m the one who cooks. It’s a very nice system, even if it’s one which shouldn’t be employed more than once a week.

We had a young person over on Wednesday, despite my futile attempt to convince my husband that it was not a good night for me. Said young person is a delight, and I have enjoyed her since I first met her, when at the age of five, she was tromping around the cul-de-sac, telling us that her parents didn’t love her, they only loved her baby sister, because they forced her to play outside, while her baby sister got to play inside! (Her baby sister was a baby!) She is still completely disarming.
Once dinner and dessert were done, The Mister was yawning, rubbing his eyes, leaning in to listen on with his chin on his wrist. I made several comments about needing to wash a load of jeans and how I hadn’t had a bath yet. Apparently college students do not read the subtle cues of their aging hosts. They do, however, get tired eventually, and go home.

all these people are big now...dunno how it happens...

all these people are big now…dunno how it happens…

Thursday night, we drove the children to The Palace of Rules and took a cab downtown to meet Mr. Hill. Yes, we did have a fabulous evening, thank you for asking. Yes, I did drink a lot, thank you for your support.


I wasn’t actually too drunk to keep my eyes open, but bars are dark places, and the FLASH! almost killed me.

You probably saw me trying use a straw to stab the cherry out of my cocktail at Forty-Five, and dancing in my chair at Tini. Yes, you might even have seen me in one of those hipster bars, drinking some complicated cocktail that I can only describe as Oh-fuck-I-could-drink-these-all-night.

I was too drunk to make my phone focus, or maybe it seemed focused at the time, or something.

I’m not even going to try to describe the events of the evening once we got home.


Last night, we had my in-laws to dinner. This showed more stupidity on our part, because we had labored all day.
I made tacos and three-hour enchiladas. I call them three-hour enchiladas because it feels like it takes three hours to make them. Surely it takes three hours to do all the dishes afterward…
I made 17 of them and all that’s left is a measly one and a half, so yeah, people love them, but they’re a lot of work.
I also made caramelized pears, but my caramel seized. That’s never happened to me before, although I knew it could. Bad things can happen to you, it’s true. I felt like a failure, while everyone stabbed bits of caramel with their forks, but I was actually too tired to hate myself properly.

I don’t know how to explain exactly how thrilled I am to be at home today, hair twisted and braless, with not too much to do. It feels fantastic. I’ve even had the bonus of giving allergy-ridden Moo some Benadryl, so she’s slept since lunch. Very quiet day.

surely you read hyperbole and a half, right?

surely you read hyperbole and a half, right?

Thrilled to stay home and do laundry, thanks.

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23 Responses to Yeah, I Hadda Take a Break!

  1. spacurious says:

    Home and braless myself. Totally underrated…


  2. LindaGHill says:

    I used to have quiet weekends…


  3. meANXIETYme says:

    Good grief, just doing ONE of those things in a week would exhaust the hell out of me!


  4. cardamone5 says:

    *^*(^(*^(*^ I have been at a soccer tournament all day, that required a bra and port-a-potties. I am exhausted, and have to do it all over again tomorrow on top of having my in-laws over tonight to celebrate my husband’s birthday, which was yesterday, but he had to take our twins to the same tournament for an 8:30 PM (that’s right, I said PM) game. The tournament is like an hour plus away. All this complaining, and I feel compelled to mention that my daughter and I got to stay home last night, cuddling up together, watching a nice movie and getting a good night’s sleep. And, I am not cooking tonight. I ordered pizza. But I still had to wear a bra all day, and will have to all day tomorrow.


    • Ugh! I don’t know which is worse, 8am soccer or 8pm soccer…or which is worse, freezing for spring soccer or roasting for fall soccer…
      Glad you got to stay home last night. There’s bravery in bras — You can do it 😉


  5. See? I’m too lazy to make 17 enchiladas. I just poor all of the ingredients in a casserole and call it “Un-chiladas.”
    Braless all the way…


  6. Deborah says:

    That was sure a lot of social stuff for an introvert! WOW! that was one week? No wonder you took a break! You deserve much more than that! I’m impressed. Looking forward to seeing future posts. 🙂


  7. suzjones says:

    You have me at braless. Oh, the pleasure! 🙂


  8. Sherry says:

    I try to make sure that at least 3 days a week are devoted to chillin’…with easy recipes and not a lot of house work. today is one of ’em….hehe..


  9. Jewels says:

    That’s a ton of socializing for an introvert, I applaud you! I’m not even an introvert and all that activity would have been rough on me, I’m exhausted just reading about it. 😉 LOL @ the bra-less remark, I can so relate…


  10. Dylan Dailey says:

    Thanks for plugging EveryDamnDayDecember! So I can count you in for this year?


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