Just Another Day

This Mother’s Day is weird.

Where should I begin?

Last night, Sassy gave me a one-armed penguin made of papier-mache, a painting of an owl, and a marigold wilting in a milk carton. Life is strange like that. Very sweet, if a bit odd.


I packed a box for my mother, and waited til I baked Challah bread to slip a loaf in, but when I went to the post office on Thursday, the man told me it wouldn’t arrive til Monday. For the cost of three hardback books, he could get it there on Friday. Saturday and Sunday were not an option, so it won’t be there til Monday. Kinda sad for my mother. Really wish I’d skipped the bread and got it to her yesterday, instead.

Meanwhile, my mother’s parcel for me arrived Wednesday, because she’s got almost 30 years on me and she has a more realistic view of how the mail works…

omg, an actual photo!

yes, i cropped my father out, but it IS mother’s day!

I had a gift hand-crafted for MIL, but there were shipping issues with the materials, so that won’t be here until maybe mid-week, either.
The calla lily resurrection continues, as it unfurls and new pips pop up here and there. No blooms yet, though.

Doesn’t matter too much though, because MIL has gone to her mother’s for the weekend.

Bonus: No one to take Moo to church means I got to sleep in.

In theory.
My girls woke me up this morning, to give me a food and spa menu. Moo stopped to snuggle awhile.

oh girls, the irony...

oh girls, the irony…

Upon arrival to the kitchen, I was pleased to find that Sassy has returned five million dishes from her bedroom to the sink, no one threw away the oatmeal packets, the cereal container lingered on the counter, milk spilled here and there, toaster’s left out, little chocolate syrup dribbled on the counter…

Just another day, hmm?

As soon as I strode into the living room with my coffee, the fighting began.
“Could you just not fight today? Cause that’d be super.”

Just another day, hmm?

Oh look, she’s got dishes in the living room, too…

Just another day, hmm?

The Mister works a long shift today, so there’s no way for him to stop the madness.

It’s supposed to be raining today, dammit!
I want to get out there and level the ground under my raised beds, and fill them, so I can plant my seedlings and start a new crop of seedlings. I would like to not be hot (I know there’s plenty of that comin) and I would like soft ground.
Apparently it won’t start raining until around 6 this evening. Greeeaaat.
(And that’s if the meteorologist isn’t lying, like he did Friday and Monday and Thursday.)

Sissy text me greetings, the boy one prolly isn’t even awake yet.

Anyway, this day doesn’t feeeel like Mother’s Day. It feels like just another day, but with the subtle touch of disappointment.

BUT, it’s all in how we react to a situation, so lemme tell you how today’s gonna go down: These girls are gonna clean up their messes and do some chores. That will please me. I think they’ll enjoy honoring their mother by emptying trash baskets and loading the dishwasher and sweeping the kitchen and then maybe later I’ll dabble into that spa menu.

Next year, I might should create a list of demands…

In the morning, you will lie in wait in the hallway, just like the dog. When I begin to stir, you will be ready to present me with a hot cuppa coffee. You will not watch television while I’m in the living room. You will not speak to your sister unless it’s with kindness. You will clean every mess you see. You will be as good at spotting messes as you are at spotting spiders. You will pretend to enjoy cleaning. You will be pleasant and polite all day. You will make it rain when I am ready to work in the garden. When your father gets home, you will immediately feel completely tuckered out and bid us goodnight. You will fall fast asleep before Game of Thrones actually starts, and will not get out of bed for water, for ice, for potty, for more cuddles, or for a band-aid for your boo boo that’s actually pink paint. 

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13 Responses to Just Another Day

  1. Great post very enjoyesble x


  2. suzjones says:

    Well I hope your day got a little better. I heard from my older two (although I had to ring the oldest myself). The Tween didn’t even speak to me until after lunch. The GG gave me a card that was lovely. Pretty much an ordinary day really.


  3. words4jp says:

    Sounds like fun. My boys are not here. My ex went to pick up Jordan from school and the little one wanted to go with him. A boys weekend. It seems there a few BBQ restaurants and a Cuban place. Guys and their guts. I could not deny him the fun. My Mother’s Day is a bust. I do have Pee. She doesn’t say much. A day like any other.


  4. Aussa Lorens says:

    Hahaha! The bit about falling asleep before Game of Thrones made me laugh out loud. My entire Sunday is a build-up to that show.

    Happy Mothers Day, irony, uncooperative weather, and all!


  5. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Go with the list of demands next year. And feel free to expand on it. It won’t hurt to tell them what you want. Bribery should, or might need to be, involved


  6. Sherry says:

    sounds like it was a pretty okay day…I’ve been mulling a post about Mother’s day…afraid it will be dark though…but I do insist on honesty…so I probably will…:/


  7. Jewels says:

    Hahaha the “You will make it rain ” is my favorite one!


  8. spacurious says:

    yeah – good luck with that list of demands for next year. you may as well put a Ferrari on there as well…


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