What She Does

I’ve been neglecting my blog again.

What can I say?
What goes on between One-Liner Wednesdays?

Well, LIFE.


I was down for about a week, because my extraction site got infected. I’m fine now, and I would rather have an infection for a year than dry socket for ten minutes, so yes, I do know how to count my blessings.
The girls were helpful and kind during the downtime. Mama’s better now…

I spend time parenting. Which, lately, seems more challenging than it has for awhile. Something wonderful happened in my living room last night. Something magical and messy. From the looks of things, the girls conjured up a great wind, using an open jar of Eucerin, empty yogurt containers, and Fireball wrappers.
After the children have been in trouble, resulting in Mama-The-Shared-Enemy, they unite for joyous ruckus and mayhem, delighting in the company of one another, and they party like it’s 1999.
Yesterday, among other grievances involving unclean pizza stones and misplaced kitchen mallets, the girls were truly naughty. Sassy did not follow directions, creating a laundry crisis. Moo went the extra mile, taking a joyride in the bed of Lily’s pop-pop’s big red truck, up and down the street, twice. Fortunately, Sadie barked madly, which alerted me to the joyride situation, but the dog doesn’t know fuck all about laundry and was unable to catch Sassy’s laundry error.

I’ve been mitigating Como’s adaptation to our home, which seems to involve cleaning up a lot of pee. “Oh hi, I’m Como, I’m scared of everything, so I can’t make it to the litter boxes, I’ll just pee wherever!”
She has days where she’ll come out and be a fairly normal kitty, then it’s back to hiding.
I catered to her for awhile, keeping her and all her things in the bathroom, but I didn’t like the litter remnants on the floor, and the bathroom began to smell not like clean and fragrant humans, but like cat. And cat piss.
I will no longer carry food and water to her location, but rather I carry her to the box and the food, like she’s a kitten. I close off all the carpeted areas.


Our air-conditioner has a problem with condensation. The Mister cleaned out all the pipes, we cleaned the drip tray, the coils are clean, the filter’s clean — the air works splendidly, but water pours out the overflow, flooding everything about. Friday, I called the HVAC guy we used over the winter, and he can’t come out until tomorrow at the earliest. We’ve not used our air since, so Saturday was a sticky sorta day, and we were a sticky sorta people who were thankful that they don’t still live in Georgia.
Today, I woke up cold and it’s cool enough to enjoy hot coffee again. Splendid!
This week is one I wouldn’t run the air for anyway, with highs in the 70’s and low’s in the 50’s. Excellent! I do so love cool, open-window days, don’t you?


School starts in less than ten days, and now we begin the process of teeth cleaning, shots, eye exams, and shopping. These are not my favorite things to do, but at least when it’s all over, there will be seven hours of silence on a regular basis.
Like most mothers, I hate trading in late nights, sleep-ins, and extra snuggles for 6am and never-ending paperwork. But, like most mothers, I welcome the structure and solitude. I pray the bus stop situation will be better than last year…

Tell me, what have you been doing?

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10 Responses to What She Does

  1. Sherry says:

    totally seems a bummer that school starts in August…we never went back until after Labor day…gosh I can’t believe it’s that cold up north all ready…It’s still JULY for goodness sake…Damn Climate change…


  2. Dan Antion says:

    10 days? 10 days? School starts when? That’s ridiculous. Oh wait, that was my inner child responding to the abrupt end of summer while it’s still in the 90’s. Point them to the cereal, pack them up and head them in the direction of that bus. We running an empty nest here, but two cats and an Irish Setter who is rapidly approaching 1 (which is 4 months in Irish setter years). The cats bot use the boxes just fine, but one loves to shred the liner. You can hear her in the wee hours scratching and tearing little holes in it. It’ snot like you can say “keep that up and I’ll throw the box away and you can pee on the floor” because, well you know…

    It’s good to see more than a single line from you. Good luck with the BtS prep.


    • Yep. First week of August. I’m actually in favor of year-round school, because frequent short breaks.
      LOL @ the “keep that up and I’ll throw the box away and you can pee on the floor” bit!
      Thanks 🙂


  3. suzjones says:

    Our longest school holidays aren’t until the Christmas/New Year break when the kids have six weeks. The Tween has not long gone back to school after her two week end of term break and then she has another two weeks in September. It’s funny how the school systems work differently the world over.
    Last night we attended her Instrumental Music night and listened to her play in the school concert band. That was pretty cool. Not much else going on around here. lol


  4. Kay Kendall says:

    “I do so love cool, open-window days, don’t you?”
    What? What? I’ve lived in Houston for 24 years. What on earth are you talkin’ about?


  5. Kat's Den says:

    This is my first school-free time in 22 years. I’m ecstatic about that!! Empathizing with the cat situation, though. We used to have a cat that refused to go #2 in the box. Always squatted down beside the box, near the box, but never IN the box. Ever.


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