The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

Jill, Spanglish Jill, La Sabrosona, of My Spanglish Familia nominated me for this award, so I’m doing it, because I love Jill and this one looks fun, and I need more reasons to sit my jammied ass on the sofa and type away happily while I drink coffee.

Did y’all see those new lightweight glass mugs at Starbucks? I shoulda bought some. I really just might.

Anyway, here we go —

The Rules:
*Thank the blogger that nominated you
*Nominate up to 7 other bloggers
*Answer 3 questions
*Ask your nominees 3 questions

Thank you, Jill. 


My nominees:


Jill asked what’s the funniest thing I’ve heard lately, and I’d hafta say it was when I misunderstand Moo and it sounded like she said, “Now I know why my fox burned the other and flapjack clues on the floor!”
I shouted back, “Yes, I hate it when my fox burns the others and leaves clues!” She actually said something like how her box was turned the other way and her shoes were on the floor — but if you read me much, you know you never can tell with Moo —
Jill asked if I had all the time and money in the world, what would be the thing, food, music, place and/or people who would make me the happiest?
The answer is variety. I dunno, because isn’t the best thing in life having choices? Maybe I feel like these people or those people, this music, or that food. Depends so much on mood. Planning never works for fun. Fun either happens or it doesn’t. Also, my idea of fun seldom matches the traditional definition of fun. I very much enjoy lively conversation, and food I eat with my hands. A good beat is a good beat. I can find beauty most anywhere, so place isn’t too important, beyond temperature. Let’s keep it cool, okay?
Jill asked the best advice I’ve ever been given and the best advice I’ve given and that’s really hard to choose. My mother said the best way to deter nosiness is to direct people to their own motives by asking, “Why do you ask?”
“Why do you ask?” is incredibly effective.
When people ask you nosy questions, ask them, “Why do you ask?”
It never hurts to question your own motives at times, either. Most people aren’t aware they have motives, let alone what they are.


My questions for my nominees:
What do you do when you wake up after a bad dream?

Do you enjoy wearing hats? If so, what kind?

What’s the most recent act of kindness you’ve performed?

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27 Responses to The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

  1. Benson says:

    Very nice and thoughtful responses. I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. I would give a lot of it away. I might check into some new lungs so I could fly again. Other than that I think I am pretty blessed to be able to live the way I am. As for your questions. If it was merely a bad dream I try to figure out what made it bad. If it was a wake up screaming nightmare I try to get back to sleep asap. I love hats. Any kind. Especially Stetsons. I wore hats even when I had a full head of hair. My latest act of kindness was probably Thursday at Aldi’s. I gave by cart to a lady with no exchange of quarter. I also stuck quarters in the first cart in each row, liberating 3 carts for the people. Thanks for getting me to think so early in my morning. Normally I am up with the dawn today I slept in. Clara and I shareb too much Cava last night. I do so love the stuff.

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  2. loisajay says:

    Such a good response to nosey people. I am so very private so people who know don’t bother to ask. But the ones who don’t know me actually stun me speechless with the questions. None of your damn business, honey! That is so what I want to say. I usually just laugh, roll my eyes, and say “Ugh, I don’t do personal questions.” More laughter… case they did not catch my drift. “Why do you ask?” is so much better. Thanks to your mom for me.

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  3. Regarding your questions…. Why do you ask ? Sorry…went there. ☺

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  4. Dan Antion says:

    I love your interpretation of Moo’s comment. I’m not going to really do the post thing, but I’ll answer one question. I like wearing hats. I wear ball caps a lot, but I keep trying to find a more interesting hat to wear. I have had some that my wife likes, but I don’t feel like they are right. I keep trying. Maybe someday. The most recent act of kindness. I crossed the street with Maddie so she wouldn’t interrupt two teenagers who were walking together (closely, if you know) and didn’t seem to want to be disturbed. Once I understand it was only a dream, I go back to sleep. Sometimes, I hope it continues. Sometimes, I realize it’s a dream before I wake up.

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  5. I can’t answer these questions here. I just had too much to say so you will have to look at today’s post to see my answers. You don’t have to read the post, but if you want to see my answers that is the only way! Also, I was prepared to say, why do you ask just as vanbytheriver, but I was too inspired.

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  6. Spanglish Jill says:

    Yay thank you for actually answering my questions and pingy backing me! So much love 🙂
    A neighbour is having an affair with a married man (to my dismay but she’s a grownass woman so…) and it must bug me because I keep having dreams (nightmares) about my Mexican hitching up with other women…when I wake up I just elbow him, ask him if he’s being infiel, and when he laughs at me and tells me I’m ridiculous then the spooning resumes.
    An acquaintance suggested we take the kids to Mc D’s last night for a coffee and to let kids play (not to eat), but my friend didn’t even have a dime to her name (her bank account in the red) so I treated her and her daughter to eats and drinks.

    Awesome questions. Thank you mi Joey!! xx

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    • joey says:

      That’s funny and rotten how your neighbor’s situation has gotten into your subconscious like that!
      Thanks for the nomination, I enjoyed this one! 🙂


  7. Anxious Mom says:

    I love the advice. Will be putting that to good use 😀

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  9. jan says:

    Another reward? Oh my goodness – you’d better get a bigger cabinet to store them all in! ; )

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  10. Congrats on your award! They’re always fun to get. I favor tweed caps when I wear hats…the first thing I do after a nightmare is open my eyes, my most recent act of kindness was setting up the sound on a neighbors computer…:0

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  11. Nan Mykel says:

    Why do you ask? Oh…yeah….

    Nominees: Writers Dream9
    A Boy and His Dog
    A Quest for Whirled Peas
    A Mind Divided

    Thanks for nominating me for this super award (my first)
    My own nominees are above.
    My answers to those questions:
    1. After I wake from a bad dream I remind myself that D really hasn’t won.
    2. My head is too big for hats, tho I love them on others.
    3. Let’s see–my most recent act of kindness? Ten yeas ago I helped my daughter get her tongue off the frozen mail box.

    Questions for my nominees:
    1.What’s your favorite game?
    2. When did you last play it?
    3. When did you start blogging and why?

    I’m still a newbie and don’t know what my next step should be.

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  12. larva225 says:

    I love these sorts of things. I’ve been quite the do-gooder with the LA flooding. I’ve managed to raise about $3k, which is mind-boggling. I’ve been able to funnel that to a lot of folks that really need it. I’m hoping to keep it going!

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