It’s Tuesday, and I’m a Slacker

Tuesdays are for complaining, yeah?

I feel like Share Your World highlights gratitude on Monday. Sometimes I write those posts through my teeth, because I really do wanna complain. Monday, bleh, blah, argle blargle, huff.

Gratitude is crucial when you want to live well. But venting is so much easier.

So Tuesdays I must feel free to complain. About petty shit.
Like, Photo a Day. There’s a lovely woman in the interwebz who hosts my Photo A Day Challenge dooji, which has connected me to some amazing Instagrammers, which has in turn, provided me with much entertainment and taught me a lot. But sometimes, I’m like…

“Uh. Nowa.”

Okay, yesterday was 13. horizon. “where the sky meets the land,” it read.
In my head, I was like, “Bitch, I live in the city. Ain’t drivin out to nowhere to capture the horizon.” I don’t even know how far I’d have to drive before the sky met the land and not trees? I wasn’t gonna try. Cause you know, Monday, bleh.
I considered pulling over at the side of the interstate to snap “where the sky meets the asphalt” but that seemed dangerous. I’m sure the Photo A Day community would tolerate a photo of a horizon hidden by structures, but could I give myself an A for that?

Oh, I see, the problem is mine.

The problem is also mine when I don’t want to leave the house to get a snap.

Not too long ago, the prompt was 8. fave part of my day. When I realized what the fave part of my day is, I decided the internet was NOT going to see that. If I tried to make it photo worthy, it would not be the fave part of my day. We’d need to wear shirts and turn on the lights, and I’d have to contort myself muchly to get the iPhone to see The Mister scratching my back as I lie across his hips. Other possible fave parts of my day are specifically not photographic. They’re the fave parts of my day because they’re feelings, not images.

insert photo of feelings here

Sometimes it’s a seasonal issue.
My particular Photo a Day is run from the other hemisphere. Do you know how hard it is to get photos like 22. leafy, 3. flower, 21. grow, and 25. grass in Indiana in the middle of January?


Winter has me showin off my houseplants…Every. Year.


Also, it seems my host is a morning person.
There are always prompts for morning things, and most of them are on weekends, and to that I say “Nowa” again. Actually, sometimes I laugh, because the prompt is “8am Sunday” and even when I drag my ass to church, I don’t rise at 8am on Sunday. I can’t think of anything that would be worth wakin at 8am on Sunday.
Last time she asked for 5. morning sky on a Saturday, she got Friday morning sky. Shh, don’t tell.


Anyway, those are my petty complaints about photo challenges. I’ve done them for about three years and now I’ve begun skipping the ones that ARE an actual challenge for me. I’m a slacker now. A real whiner, too.

Feel free to vent. It is Tuesday after all

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62 Responses to It’s Tuesday, and I’m a Slacker

  1. orbthefirst says:

    Not even sure where to start, so, Ill stick with this: The airs been funny for about a week, Ive HAD my morning Valium, can still feel my pulse in my spine, and Im out of caffeine. Oh, and google didnt notify me of my yearly Amazon BS, so Im overdrawn $120.

    Life happens, or someshit, amirite?

    & NO ONE should be awake at 5am, just sayin. Unless youre on your way to bed…

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  2. +1 for doing a Daily Photo Challenge!

    I’ve never done one, and doubt I ever will. A photo a week is all I’m willing to commit to. I do go through periods that I am photographing something everyday, but I’m going to commit to a daily photo challenge. TOO MUCH PRESSURE for me!
    I’m on my 4th Project 52 and it is sometimes hard to get out to make an image.
    I need to do what you do and load up #1 GS and go for a drive.

    Aside from the photo challenge today I hope your day is amazing!

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    • joey says:

      Thank you!
      Well, the way you take photos, such incredible photos, I can’t imagine you keeping the quality of work while rushing around trying to catch the perfect thing.
      Getting out and about is really helpful, but even then, I don’t always see the things… need to see with photography eyes, and mine aren’t too great 😉

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  3. baog3 says:

    Venting Tuesday! I like it! 🙂

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  4. Benson says:

    Sex. I think sex would be worth waking up for on a Sunday at 8 AM. I wonder how far you would have to go to see the horizon.

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  5. Go to the top of a tall building. You should be able to see the horizon. It’s still the horizon even if buildings are in the way. I think it’s important to know when to slack off.

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  6. Joanne Sisco says:

    Venting Tuesday should definitely be a thing. A real thing.

    I’d vent that it’s an all-white, blowing snow, arctic temperatures kind of day and I haven’t taken a photo outdoors in what feels like a very long time.
    The start of our epic adventure had to be postponed because Mother Nature is in a bitch of a mood.

    … and I’m still painting inside doors. The only thing less satisfying than painting doors is painting ceilings. Stupid doors.

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  7. Ally Bean says:

    I’m not good with any sort of daily posting challenge, although I’ve survived a few of them. I’m impressed that you even try to do a daily photo challenge. Instead of thinking of yourself as a slacker, why not think of yourself as a hacker? That is, you’re not being lazy, you’re being creative and making the challenge your own with a few tweaks. And in answer to your question re: Sunday morning 8 a.m.– freshly baked donuts would get me up and going.

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  8. The other day? The daily prompt was murmuration. WTF kind of prompt is MURMURATION? It’s not even in the dang-blang spell check! Besides, we bloggers here, all of us are on at least two social media sites so that means we have all seen a bazillion and one videos of ginormous flocks of starlings doing the happy dance. What’s left to write about murmuration, except, “Here. Here’s a video of a ginormous flock of starlings…etc., etc..

    I ASK YOU!

    So, I started to write exactly what I wrote in this comment then deleted the whole thing because it was whiny and bitchy and petty.

    So, my dear, you have my never ending gratitude for allowing me a space to commiserate and share.

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    • joey says:

      Good job with the venting! I appreciate your dedication!
      Perhaps the murmuration was the sound of the masses annoyed by the prompt? Or maybe that would be grumblenation. (Also a made up word 😛 Haha!)

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  9. I like the idea of complaining on a Tuesday too. My neck still hurts. I have eaten my healthy dinner and still feel hungry! My pudding is an apple, my husband’s is apple and blackberry crumble. PAH!! Bloody diet.

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  10. Before I starting complaining, I must say I absolutely loved the photo of your feelings. I feel the same way, too, but haven’t been able to get such a evocative shot of mine. So congrats on that!

    I love challenges, but can’t keep up with all the participants in them if I do one every day. I know I don’t have to look at everyone’s, but I’d like to, especially if they look at mine, which I think many do through the Reader only and I shamefully admit to doing sometimes. I’ve cut back to WP Photo Challenge and… Wait. I can complain here about people who link immediately to an old post, rather than just making a new one for the prompt using the same photo and worse, people who do all writing and no photo. WP PHOTO prompt, yeah?!! If I said, “WHF”, I might be tempted to use it then.

    Thursday Doors is a must and I like the Oddball Photo Challenge, too. But I rarely use a new photo, just dive into my zillions of photos in my files on my laptop. Seriously, I have over thousands just from my iPad and that was some years ago, before my iPhone and Nikon.

    Finally, I feel like I should be doing something constructive, as my husband works manically on his IT things all day and half the night, but tomorrow’s my birthday, I finished my free mega-sized mocha from Starbucks, and am immersed in a book. So heck with it! I’m going to read!!


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    • darsword says:

      I loved this! Happy birthday!


    • joey says:

      Books are even better than complaining! And a mocha, too, mmm. I am also having a coffee now, brewed in my kitchen, because alas, it is nowhere near my birthday and we stopped at cafe yesterday. I hope you’ll post tomorrow so we can all extend our best wishes!
      Thank you for embracing my invitation to vent! I enjoy seeing the other participants’ posts, but I don’t think I ever read all of them, ever, on any challenge. Even I guest hosted a Saturday one, and people were still posting and linking back on Wednesday after, and I was like, Nowa 😉 I don’t even read all of the people who read me. Time is finite. Choices must be made!
      I am so glad you have the imagination to visualize my feelings. I hope other people will share similar photos of their warm and fuzzies 😉
      I do not have piles of photos of stuff. People, yes, but not much in the stuff department. I am a photo newbie and have much to learn 🙂


      • Yes, choices must be made and yes, I’ll be posting tomorrow for the WP Photo Challenge. I’m not a coffee drinker, although I love the aroma. However, I do enjoy a mocha or cappuccino every so often. 🙂 Most of the time, I drink tea.

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  11. Anxious Mom says:

    You should create the lazy person photo challenge. Go after photos of sock-clad feet, Netflix queues, and half empty soda cans or something. I’d be down for that.\

    And, god, yes, scratches from the husband. Also one of my fav parts of the day. Maybe not for him, though.

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    • joey says:

      YOU should create a Lazy Photo Challenge! I would ACE empty soda cans and socked feet! I have an idea for another app too, if you’re into such tasks.

      Right? Back scratches, hair play, soft tickles, rubbing, that’s the stuff! I am sometimes tempted to photograph The Mister’s armpit as ‘my fave place’ LOL


      • Anxious Mom says:

        What sort of app? When I get back from GWL, I shall set out on the quest to create the perfect lazy person photo challenge. It’ll be da bomb. (And, now, 20 years later, I realize how cringey “da bomb” is.)

        And OH MY GOD. My child. I don’t think I’ll share this in a regular post because it might be too creepy, but you’ll think it’s funny. Baby Girl likes getting rubs on her arms and back, too. She asked me last night to rub her “cracks” and it took me a minute to realize she meant her armpit. Tonight, I rubbed her arms and her cracks and so on, and then went to change her diaper when she said, “Rub my vulva, Mommy.” Dafuq child? I told her “No,” that she’s the only person who can touch her area, etc. and she got pissed. “Rub my vulva, Mommy, DO IT NOW.” Me: “No. Rub your own damn vulva.”

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  12. darsword says:

    I’m down! Tell it how it is Tuesday!

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  13. Venting is good!! It’s healthier than repressing it. 🙂

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  14. About our blizzard…there was sleet mixed in to the 16-20 inch forecast, so we only had about a foot, with a layer of ice in the middle, making it too damn heavy for snow blowing. So, back to the shovel. My back hurts. That is all.
    p.s. I love that you have “Humans of NY”..great stuff, his photos.

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  15. Prajakta says:

    Complain away 😀 You are of course entitled to it, irrespective of what you are complaining about. That said, I always enjoy your photo a day prompt images 🙂 So now I would know the backstory behind your picture of where the land meets the sky 😀

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  16. marianallen says:

    I adore your picture of winter Indiana grass! It’s GORGEOUS! I’m reading this on Wednesday, so I missed the venting, dammit! I was doing taxes for Per Bastet Publications, so I had plenty to vent about. Why doesn’t their damn stupid financial officer keep all the records in order instead of handing them to me piece by piece or in a big messy pile?? Oh, yeah, I’M their damn stupid financial officer….

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    • joey says:

      Well thank you!

      I’m not in the habit of giving unsolicited advice, but paper is the bane of my existence, so my I recommend a magazine holder for said paperwork? Is tidy, holds lots, requires little effort.
      Also, shame on you! You too are a slacker! Come over and we’ll drink coffee and look at the trees together 😉

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  17. Slacker! You are a slacker! That photo a day challenge is something I am NOT going to do. Seriously – I mean I didn’t even want to go outside far enough to get a proper sledding picture yesterday, I can’t imagine trying to get some of those pictures. Still, I can get a pretty good picture of the horizon from my window, so I am lucky.

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  18. I saved my venting for Wednesday this week!

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  19. A daily photo challenge seems like a real commitment! It’s enough work to try to do the weekly WordPress ones. lol.

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  20. Dan Antion says:

    Well, if you’re a slacker, I guess the fact that I’m reading this on Wednesday afternoon makes me an absolute loser. It’s all relative:)

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